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Inspiration Behind the Daily Fan Favorite | Meagan Dwyer Photography | Inspirational Photography Blog

Inspiration Behind the Daily Fan Favorite

By: Darah Groce | BTW Lifestyle Blogger

Meagan Dwyer of Meagan Dwyer Photography

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F/3.2  1/1600  ISO 100

Meagan Dwyer may still be figuring out who she really is as a photographer but one thing is for sure that she loves real life and believes you need to have your camera with you all the time because it is always happening.  While on a walk with her children, she noticed a brilliant puddle on the ground that had the most magnificent reflections.   She instantly knew what she wanted and had her daughter move into position and snapped this shot, “Puddle Vision”.  Meagan played with it in Photoshop, some converting it to black and white even though she loved the blue sky, the highlights in the black and white version just drew her in!
Meagan’s advice, “The next time you are out after rain or after all this crazy snow melts…look down and into all those puddles. There is a whole world waiting to be reflected back at you. “
Meagan Dwyer Photography

Summer Shea Photography | California Urban Family | Inspirational Photography Blog

Summer Berriel

Summer Shea Photography

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It was just a little over 7 months ago I last photographed this beautiful family, at Johnny and Virginia’s Amazing Taco Shop wedding. Little Jude is so darn cute and those baby blue eyes just melt hearts. Big brother Alyvn is full of personality and loved making silly faces. They brought bubbles and a little bubble mower and it was so cute watching their little faces light up!

2015-03-05_0001 2015-03-05_0004 2015-03-05_0015 2015-03-05_0017 2015-03-05_0018 2015-03-05_0008 2015-03-05_0006 2015-03-05_0007 2015-03-05_0016 2015-03-05_0021 2015-03-05_0013 2015-03-05_0011 2015-03-05_0005 2015-03-05_0012 2015-03-05_0014 2015-03-05_0010 2015-03-05_0023 2015-03-05_0020 2015-03-05_0002 2015-03-05_0019

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Beyond the Wanderlust Family

March 5, 2015 - 5:17 pm

Summer Shea Photography - Thanks for the feature <3

Beata Chipman Photography | Daily Fan Favorite | Inspirational Photography Blog

Great job everyone!

To submit add one or two photos that are currently your favorite to the Facebook wall tagging your business. Daily Fan Favorite, are five images picked from the prior day’s submissions; running Monday-Thursdays. When sharing or pinning please be sure to tag the photographer who captured the image.

Beata Chipman Photography

Congratulations to the other artist!

Hailey Faria Photography

Hwg  Photography

A Rock and a Soft Place.

Veronica Charisse Photography



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