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10 Reasons Why I Love Blogstomp

Why I love blogstomp BTW

It wasn’t very long ago that if you wanted to create a layout of images you had to head into Photoshop and spend countless hours creating a layout. While I love Photoshop, this definitely was not ideal. I was searching high and low for a product that would be convenient, affordable and easy to learn. I started hearing some buzz on this software called Blogstomp and decided this was definitely worth checking out. The more I read on it, heard friends using it and saw it was only $49, I made the leap into Blogstomp-land.

I have been using Blogstomp for my business for over 2 years now, saving countless hours of time. Even though I know it is awesome, I am always seeing people talk in groups about,

“What is Blogstomp and is it worth it?”

So insert me putting on my superwoman cape and coming to the rescue to share with you the top 10 reasons of why I love Blogstomp and I know you will too. ::insert dramatic intro music::


Money talks and this has to be the very first, and most important, reason. While I knew I wanted to save time, desperately needed something to make my photography look nice, I still wasn’t wanting to spend a ton of my hard earned dollars on a software I didn’t know. At the price point of $49, I knew that with as much positive feedback I was hearing within the photography community, I thought what the heck. I know I have spent more than 49 bucks on products and services in the past, that have been less than rewarding, and I am sure you have too. Definitely rest easy in the fact, this is not one of those “dud products.”


Time covers two tips, so maybe I should have called this 11 reasons I love Blogstomp. The first thought that comes to my mind with time is the hundreds of hours that Blogstomp has saved me in my business. ::UGH:: I remember the days of trying to perfect everything in Photoshop only to find that I needed to enter another image, which has then thrown off all my dimensions I had set.

The second thing, I also think of with time, is the learning curve. Nothing is worse to get this amazing product, to then open it and it look like you are reading some foreign language. {I mean really we have all been there, with the deer in the headlights look.} It really only took me about an hour to Google some information, read their tips, to figure out how to use the software. It really is as easy as it looks.


This is the point that I look above and see the learning curve listed under time and realize maybe that should have been under ease. ::head to desk:: So now we really are back to the 10 reasons I love Blogstomp but none the less the ease of this software is no joke. I promise even if you are an anti-techie, you will still be able to use the basic functions.


This is the part that gets me really giddy, like school-girl-second-grade-giddy. I am going to show you how simple it is to upload, remove, and switch your layout.

Why I love blogstomp BTW 1

So this is what you get when you open your software and of course import some images. As you see on the far left there is the import button. One simple click of the button and you are free to enter as many images as your heart desires. I believe I have entered in over 150 images and it takes it a minute to think but it does upload them all. If you have an image you don’t want, simply click on that image -highlighting it- and click remove. Removing your photo doesn’t permanently delete this image off your computer, just removing it from the selections. You can easily re-import that photo if it was selected by mistake.

Once you have your images imported that you want to use, simply click down holding the CTRL (on a PC) key and while clicking each image, it will allow you to choose multiple selections at once.

Why I love blogstomp BTW 2

When you first select your images the layout comes across as this straight format. As you can see on the far right side, there are other options available that all highlight different images, with different height values.

Why I love blogstomp BTW 3

So here I clicked on a selection that gave highlight to the bride + groom, to me the most important “story” of the day. Even when you are laying out your images for your blog, you need to be aware of storytelling and how it will emotionally impacts your readers.

If I didn’t like this layout or the images that it was highlighting, I could simply click “mix it up” and it would flip the images around.

Why I love blogstomp BTW 4

Until you get the layout that works for you, continue to select different layouts and hit “mix it up.”


The blogging aspect is really awesome and another great part of this software that is time saving. At the top you will see several different tab options. One of those tabs is the blog tab. Once you click on that a new screen will pop up.

Why I love blogstomp BTW 5

This is the blog tab. The software keeps track of images that you have “stomped” and will keep them stored, to let you pick the images, to be inserted into your blog post automatically. Through the settings panel, you will be able to connect your blog to Blogstomp. The blogging option allows you to add your title, the body of your blog post, and images. On the bottom right you will see the options to publish or upload as a draft. For me personally, I choose to upload as a draft, so I can go back and proof read it as well as add my SEO tools. There is also a drop down that allows for you to choose which blog you want to “talk” to, so if you are like me and have two businesses, you can pick which blog you want to post to.

Why I love blogstomp BTW 6

To set up your blog you will want to click on the settings and there you will find your control panel. This is where you will want to enter all your back-end information for your website or blog. You will want to be sure to enter your information exactly as is so when testing your connection, it all runs smoothly.


The Twitter option is very similar to the blogging portion but it keeps the post relevant to the Twitter format.

Why I love blogstomp BTW 7

This option allows you to select which Twitter account you want to use, as well as enter your message and image. Be sure to enter your handling here in the message option. This would also be a great place to enter a Bitly code for your blog post.


For any business, branding is huge, and I know no matter where I post my content, I want it all to have my brand tone. With the options given by Blogstomp, you will have no fear with making sure all your posts look streamlined.

Why I love blogstomp BTW 8

Back on your freestyle tab, at the bottom, there is a styles option. When clicking the drop down menu, there are some pre-loaded boarder and tab options. To fully customize your stomped look, you will need to go all the way to the bottom for the “Edit (or create) your styles” option.

Why I love blogstomp BTW 9

Once in your styles panel, you can add your logo, change the image + boarder width, also add a unique background to match your branding. This is the great thing, you can manipulate your layout to look unique to your business with a few clicks of the mouse. Play around with your look until you feel it best compliments your images and brand.


For myself when I am purchasing a product I turn into a private PI, ok maybe slight stalker. I look on their social media platforms to find what people are saying and how the business is responding. If I see tons of negative post, with zero company engagement, I am more than likely going to steer clear of that business. I have had great success with Blogstomp and they have even been supporters of the blog with past workshops. Working with a company who is quick to respond and cares about their customers is always number one in my book.


Really a couple of these reasons *could* fall into this headline but I felt like it still needed to be here. As easy as I have shown you that Blogstomp is, I really want to impress upon you how amazing this software is. Even when uploading 100+ images I never have to wait more than a minute for all of my images to be ready to work with, and there is usually millions of megapixels that it is working with. With how many moving parts are going on within Blogstomp, I definitely think the functionality deserves another BRAVO!


As an entrepreneur myself, growth always perks my interest. Seeing an amazing company and product come out is great but seeing the company evolve and come out with more services is fantastic. Since releasing the Blogstomp, they have come out with Albumstomp. This service is brand aligned and is a perfect addition to this company. I personally can’t wait to see what they come out with next.

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So there you have it, the 10 reasons why I love Blogstomp. If these don’t convince you that Blogstomp is a must for your business, then sure go ahead and continue living in the stone age. Already a user of Blogstomp? Tweet us and tell us how much you love it!