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A Trip Through India

A Trip Through India

By: Alicia Johnson of That’s A Pretty Picture Photography

“My husband lived in India for two years and I’ve always had a desire to go and visit the places he lived and experience India. My brother is a travel guru and approached us about going with them to India. They’ve traveled much of Europe and wanted something a little more adventurous. We arrived in Delhi late at night and immediately left with a driver who took us to Agra. We were able to see “The Taj” at sunrise and it was beautiful! We were so happy we squeezed that into our trip, as we had considered cutting it to do some of the more off the path activities. It was everything we expected and more! After Agra we visited Jaipur, Hyderabad, Aurangabad, and Mumbai. We loved the rural areas and were often asked to be photographed. India was everything we expected it to be – an adventure! It was loud, colorful, exciting, a feast for the eyes, and so much food for thought. One recommendation to travels – choose nice hotels. It was fun to experience the chaos of India but I needed a calm, clean, quiet hotel room to unwind and process the experiences at the end of each day. At one point we listed the different modes of transportation we used throughout the trip. It included: plane, train, car, bus, auto rickshaw, elephant, camel, motor bike, motorcycle, golf cart, and a sea plane boat!”




LF_SidebarPhotoalicia copyAlicia, of That’s a Pretty Picture, is a family and wedding photographer based in Tampa, FL. She spends her days jumping on the trampoline and making PB&J sandwiches for her three crazy children.  You can be sure to always find Alicia with her camera, to be able to capture life’s moments. Facebook | Website | Blog