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Company: ONA

Founded 2010

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We were so excited to have so many AMAZING businesses join us for our Vegas Raffle! One of the companies that joined us was ONA and we were smitten! In case you don’t know the history and the why behind the bags we wanted to clue you in.

Tracy Foster founded ONA in June 2010 to offer style-conscious photographers and photography enthusiasts camera bags and accessories that complement their life and style. All of our products are handcrafted from premium materials and designed to blend the functionality of traditional camera bags with contemporary styling. We believe that your camera bags and accessories should be rich and imaginative; like the photos you love to take. Your camera bag should boast an enduring design that allows you to carry your gear safely and comfortably. Our name in Swahili, the word ona (pronounced ō’na) means, “to feel,” “to believe,” and “to experience with the eyes.” This is the essence of photography and style.

We checked what people were saying about them on their Facebook and we found, of course, lots of praise! Here is what people are saying:

I LOVE MY BAG SO MUCH!!!!!!! I just purchased one from a store in Calgary, Alberta The Camera Store // ITS AMAZING. Fabulous product!!!!!!!! THANK YOU x

Meaghan Konopaki Photography


I’ve already bought a dark truffle leather Bowery in Italy last year: wonderful, cute bag, I simply LOVE it. Now I’m in Australia for some months and I couldn’t resist… My second ONA bag has arrived today just a few days before my birthday!!!   
The Brooklyn is perfect for my stuff: a mirrorless system Fuji X-Pro1 with 3 primes, spare batteries and memory cards, filters in their case, flash, TTL OOC flash cable, collapsable reflector, iPhone 5, iPad mini, MacBook Air 11″, wallet, lip balsam, keys…
Thank you ONA! Stylish bags, excellent materials, but designed to protect safely our stuff! I LOVE YOU!   


Please continue making the most gorgeous camera bags I’ve ever seen. I passed by The Brixton in the local camera shop the other day and just about had a heart attack. I’ve been waiting for my shop to get one in for months and I grabbed it so fast the guys behind the counter chuckled at my swooning. Seriously guys, master craftsmanship. Fan for life.


Just received my ONA Brooklyn Bag in chestnut today. I must say I am even more in love with it, than I ever could have imagined! It’s so perfect!!


I have a serious lust issue with your bags.. wow… *drool*!!!!

So yeah…People LOVE them! ONA released today three new products!


Presidio Sell Sheet_Media PD

We love the colors they are offering! The richness of them just is drool worthy! The next piece up is


Astoria Sell Sheet

Can we PLEASE talk about the different ways to wear the strap?! Love the option for a cross body wear! The leather looks divine and big enough to hold all your essentials!

Last, but not least,


Astoria Sell Sheet

This bag looks like a great comparison to the leather bag but priced a bit lower; which is always a win-win! Still looks great and will keep your gear well protected!

Make sure to head over to their website to see where you can purchase your next ONA bag! We want to personally thank ONA for joining us!

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