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Company: Thistle & Poppy

Founded 2013

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When Thistle & Poppy reached out to work with us we were so stoked! We loved the innovative way they have re-done the frames. Owner, Christie, told us that they were something we have never seen in the industry before; and that is a huge statement to make. Trust us when we say she delivered! Their frames are perfect for those who like to keep things fresh and changed up! The frames are so easy to use and exchange out those so very important moments. Thistle & Poppy has 10 base shapes, 19 trim styles, and 15 colors. If you are good at math you will realize that comes out to over 42,000 combinations!

We wanted to bring YOU our personal thoughts on these awesome frames so we both got to give them trial runs. Here is what we thought:

“When I got this package delivered to my door I immediately couldn’t remember what I had ordered! I was super excited because A. I am a package/mail junkie and B. the box was huge! I quickly dug into the box and was floored. I didn’t really know what to expect but this definitely wasn’t it! The frames were perfect from the packaging, down to the little magnets. It didn’t take long for me to get prints ordered to go directly into this bad beast! I actually ordered my 5×7 mounted and it still fit perfectly! I have it hanging right by my front door and have already had so many compliments! This is a definite go to frame!”


“My new handmade Thistle & Poppy frame is awesome! I love how sturdy it is and the interchangeable snap covers are genius; ¬†they make me want to rotate my photos all the time! The distressed wood is my favorite; it feels so vintage and fun! I would highly recommend Thistle and Poppy to all of my photographer friends! There is a snap frame color and style for everyone!”


Our friends at Thistle & Poppy are so amazing that they have offered several things to our fans. First is a giveaway running over on their website! Go HERE to enter for a chance to win one of their amazing sets. Second is a coupon for a free trim with your purchase of a base and trim. Coupon code will run till May 25th and you need to enter WANDERFRIENDS to receive that. We would LOVE to hear what you think about your frame when you buy one! Make sure to show us that wall eye candy!


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