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Amanda Dayle Photography – Daily Fan Favorite

Today’s Daily Fan Favorite is Amanda Dayle Photography.

Congratulations Amanda! You receive a $5 gift card to the store of your choice. Email to claim your prize.

To submit an image to the Daily Fan Favorite – add one or two photos that are currently your favorite to the Facebook wall tagging your business.

The Daily Fan Favorite is five images picked from the prior day’s submissions; running Monday-Thursdays. When sharing or pinning please be sure to tag the photographer who captured the image.

Amanda Dayle Photography


“The set up and subject in this image are both super cute! I love all of the white negative space and how the rainbow in the background creates a nice frame around the baby.”

Congratulations to the other artists!

Woodsy Wonders Photography

boy touching horse, horse with sunflare, Amanda Dayle Photography Daily Fan Favorite

Erika Venci Photography

child painting rock, painting indoors, Amanda Dayle Photography Daily Fan Favorite

Casey Hurley Photography

newborn yawning, Amanda Dayle Photography Daily Fan Favorite

Howard-Crow Photography, LLC

child with easel, pouty lips, reflection in white board, Amanda Dayle Photography Daily Fan FavoriteFeatured On Button:


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