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Amanda Holloway Photography | Beyond the Wanderlust Artist Spotlight

Amanda Holloway

Amanda Holloway Photography

Huntsville, TX

Welcome Amanda! Tell our fans a little about yourself!

Hey there! I’m Amanda! I’m super excited to e-meet you all! I’ve been photographing people for almost four years and truly love my job! I used to be a Juvenile Probation Officer and was set on the criminal justice path, but once I had my son and a camera in my hands, that all changed. I have since turned in my badge for a camera and haven’t looked back.

I’m 29 years old, and I absolutely love fashion magazines and hair products! I’m also a bit addicted to facial products… like… whoa.  My favorite color is white and my favorite food is sushi! I just bought an office in town and have been covered in gray paint and white leather swatches! Woo!

If someone stopped you on a photo shoot, what would they find you with?

Other than my gear, I always bring fashion accessories like scarves, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hats, gloves, etc. Seriously…. the more, the better.  Sometimes these accessories can polish off an outfit and make it perfection.

We love your new graphic design!! Please tell us, who the talented artist is!

Ooooooh! BRAIZEN is AMAZING! They are my new graphic designers and their entire firm is just amazing. They have so many talented people working for them and each one is involved in the design process!

My business has changed a lot in the last year and was a bit of a roller coaster but in the end, certainly for the better. I knew I finally needed a professionally designed brand to reflect my new foundation and carve a way for my business’ future and Braizen was hands down, my only choice for my new brand. They are truly amazing and I encourage anyone who is serious about their business’ brand to run and make an appointment with them as soon as possible.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Most of my inspiration is pulled from my senior’s fashion during the shoot. If my senior shows up with a ton of amazing pieces, I always feel so excited and go a bit crazy with the shoot! If she brings a ton of urban outfits, our location is urban, our pose flow is more urban based, and even my edits can be more urban based as well. The same goes for lace and more feminine wardrobes… the shoot will be more romantically inspired. Outside of the shoot, I pull my inspiration fashion magazines and editorial look books. I just love flipping through all of the images and seeing all of the amazing talent that is out there.


Best beginner advice for those just starting into the senior market?

Be true to yourself. You’re going to feel pressured to do things a certain way or accept as many clients as possible and edit your life away. DON’T DO IT. Take your time and allow yourself space to grow. If this business becomes a burden to you in any way, it won’t last. Put your family first, then your business.

Any new adventures starting soon you can tell us about?

Oh, goodness! Right now, I have currently teamed up with Langford Market and am running a model campaign for teens! We had over thirty submissions and are just blown away by the sheer numbers of those who are voting! Go vote if you have time!

I’m also teaming up with the BLOOM forum later in the year for some new education opportunities on how to market your business to your target clients! I can’t wait to get these classes started!

If you love Amanda’s work and want to follow her check out her Facebook page, Instagram and Website.