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Amy Lucinda Photography – Daily Fan Favorite

Today’s Daily Fan Favorite is Amy Lucinda Photography.

Congratulations Amy! You receive a $5 gift card to the store of your choice. Email to claim your prize.

To submit an image to the Daily Fan Favorite – add one or two photos that are currently your favorite to the Facebook wall tagging your business.

The Daily Fan Favorite is three images picked from the prior day’s submissions; running Monday-Thursdays. When sharing or pinning please be sure to tag the photographer who captured the image.

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Amy Lucinda Photography

self portrait, daily fan favorite

“Some portraits stop you in your tracks and Amy did that here. This self portrait is one of the best I have seen. The way the light is filtering through the room and highlighting their faces is perfection. This portrait would have been beautiful even if it wasn’t a self portrait but knowing it is, it makes it even more stunning.”

Congratulations to the other artist! All runner up artists receive a 20% off code to the shop. Email to claim.

Ashley Shope Photography

black and white lifestyle pictures, daily fan favorite

“The lighting in this photograph is what I love the most. The way the light is hitting the child’s face and highlighting the particles in the air. Some photographs are better done in black and white, and this was definitely one.”

Lucky Life Photography

street photography, daily fan favorite

“Documentary photographs are some of my favorite to look at. This portrait is that and it captures this scene perfectly.”

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