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Art and Soul: Adding Depth and Emotion to Storytelling Images with Shelley Reis

One of the most powerful yet difficult elements to master in photography is capturing true emotion and feeling. You don’t just take a photo with your eyes – you take it with your emotions, your heart, your experiences. There is so much more to taking a great image than just clicking the shutter at the right time. I’ll guide you through my creative process and show you how to get the most out of your images to create truly beautiful images that pop off the screen.

In my workshop you will learn how to compose a storytelling image for maximum impact – how to use light, color and perspective to add depth to your everyday moments; and I’ll walk you through my editing process and show you my tricks to get the most out of your images. By the end you’ll have the tools to create beautiful images that pack an emotional punch. I am so excited to share this journey with you.

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Shelley Profile

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Shelley Reis, of My Captured Life, is a lifestyle and documentary photographer living in Wollongong, Australia with her partner and two children. She loves to capture authentic, soulful moments for her clients while also documenting her family’s unique story on her blog. Shelley is a self-taught photographer however her artistic tuition began early on under the guidance of her mother, an artist, who taught her the importance of composition and to notice the beauty in the details. Shelley’s work has been featured in publications such as The Long Way Home magazine and on photography websites such as Beyond The Wanderlust, Looks Like Film, The Monochromatic Lens, In Beauty and Chaos, Journey to Artist, Snap Maven, Life Unscripted, Soul Focus, The Dark Room, Light Inspired, and In The Shadows of Life.


Marlene Sayson Profile

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“I am so excited about this workshop! Shelley is not only an incredible, inspiring artist but also comes across as being very down to earth. The way she has conducted this workshop is perfection at its finest! The workshop is so personal and written as though we are having a casual conversation, rather than just stating the facts. I loved learning about her and all about her thought processes – execution and editing of images which was so detailed to ensure that I didn’t miss a thing. After losing all motivation, I am now so inspired to get out and put it all into practice. The exercises were so simple yet really made me think about the process rather than just shooting and hoping for the best. I often found myself nodding in agreement when reading such simple yet vital pieces of information, although these were often things I had never thought of myself. The PDF guide is so pretty and full of examples to pair with the information, which is really important to me as a visual learner. The videos included are out of this world and the before and afters are just amazing! You are so generous to share it all with us Shelley! Thank you!!”

Jess Mason

Jessica Mason of Jessica Mason Photography
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“There are so many things to learn in Shelley’s workshop. She ran through her creative process and I found it so easy to follow and understand what she does in her own work and why. I loved the way it was written. It is very much like we are having an intimate chat – talking to me, not at me. I think there is something in there for everyone. The videos especially are amazing and watching you shoot and then edit is so inspiring. I just loved to actually see the how and why! It is also the prettiest PDF I have ever seen! I’m so excited to join the Facebook group and learn more.”