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Artist Spotlight with Oregon Photographer Nicki Bergeson

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Who are you and what makes you tick?

I’m just a girl from Fairbanks, Alaska living in Oregon with my husband and our 3 beautiful girls! I love reading, camping, hiking and being cozy with my loves on the weekend. I work part-time as an X-ray tech and part-time as a photographer. I love photographing my family and the love and connection between other families as well.

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How would you describe your style?

I’d probably say it’s a bit moody – I love earthy tones and tend to seek them out when I can.

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What would typically be found with you during a shoot?

My Nikon D750, Sigma Art 35mm, a prism, and a blanket.

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Name one celebrity you would love to photograph.

Tilda Swinton comes to mind. shes just SO interesting to look at to me and so versatile.

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Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Everywhere! My girls are always a source of inspiration for me. Inspiration is all around us ALL the time if we have a mind to look for it. I find it in music, films, books and the way shadows fall across the floor or the fog hangs in the trees. It’s in the strangest places sometimes too!

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Has there been one shoot in particular that is still your favorite?

I had a fresh 48 session that I’ll love forever. The whole extended family was there and there was so much love in that tiny room, it was palpable.

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What women artists do you follow for inspiration?

Fiona Margo is an incredible family photographer. Keryln Van Gelder is my absolute IDOL when it comes to maternity. Coleen Hodges, Twyla Jones, Sarah Blanco, Lauren Giuffre, Sarah Cornish are all so inspiring to me. The list is pretty endless really, there are SO many talented women out there!

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What is your secret to not getting bored with your work?

Trying new techniques like free lensing or playing around with prisms. Photographing something that I wouldn’t normally photograph like still life or self portraits. Just like everything, you gotta mix it up!

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We all go through periods of mental blocks. How do you push past times of not finding inspiration?

Honestly I put my camera away if I can and just wait. I know a lot of people give the advice to “shoot through” these mental blocks, but for me it works best to step away from photography. I read books and watch movies and go for long walks and connect with my family and just sort of wait for inspiration to strike and it always does.

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Who in your life inspires your art the most?

My girls, hands down. I love the way they look at the world, their curiosity and wonder. The way the light hits their hair when they play outside, the tiny details of their faces and hands and the love they have for each other.

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What inspires you more – light or movement?

That’s so tough! Both light AND movement are BIG inspirations for me but if I had to choose, I’d choose light. I think the way an artist sees light really makes them stand out from others.

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