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Australia Morning Beach Family Session

Australia Morning Beach Family Session

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Sarah Watson of Sarah Watson Photography

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Location: Miami, Gold Coast Australia


Living on the Gold Coast in Australia, the beach is a major part of our lives.  Living on the East coast though, the sun doesn’t set over the beach, and I have been struggling to get beach photos with great light for my family sessions.


It’s a little hard to convince families to get up at the crack of dawn but this family rocked it.  It’s such an awesome way to start the day – watching the sunrise and the light is just beautiful.  We arrived while it was still dark and I started shooting at about 5 AM right before the sun came up.




It was a little cloudy on this morning, but it was nice to have a bit of cloud to filter the sun.  I also got some good breaks where the sun poked out for a few minutes.  I also found that the kids were happier compared to a late afternoon shoot, and the best part was that it was all over by 6:15 AM and then we were off for coffee!


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