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Behind the Scenes | Julie Paisley Photography Workshop | First Day | Zanesville, Ohio | Beyond the Wanderlust LIVE Blogging

We have so many files to share with you all! Hours of video, hundreds of pictures! Our computers are not liking us very well this morning! If you were following us last weekend, you know that we were in Zanesville, Ohio doing our first LIVE blogging event with Julie Paisley Photography. The weekend was great and is a huge step forward with what services the blog will be offering. Over the next several weeks you will be getting access to details from both days of shooting and teaching.

Friday, June 14th

Girls started arriving around  1pm. Julie was there and ready to give each girl a big hug! Introductions were given and all the girls were getting to know each other. If you missed the post on the goodie bags and all the little sneak peeks, make sure to scroll back and check them out!

Julie chatted with the girls about how she got started,  how she made her photography her job and really just what photography ment to her. For people who have been you know how emotional that chat is. Lots of tears and heartfelt struggles. Like a lot of us have been through.

After about 4-5 hours of chatting business PIZZA was here! It was really as good as it looked! The girls chowed down on some food and beverages while huddled around the table. Gear was put together and bags checked to head out to start shooting.

The first night we shot at two locations. Both were scouted by Julie the day before the workshop with permission given by the property owners. {that didn’t stop some by passers from stopping to watch!} The first spot we stopped at was just along a highway! There was an old tobacco barn/farm, which provided lots of tall grass and that whimsical look Julie is known for. Our models were a dream and actually photographers themselves!

The second location that we stopped at was at a old farm. This spot was just as dreamy and actually had more spots to shoot at. The girls got some lessons on how to use your hand to find the perfect lighting and where to start shooting to capture the most out of your sun.

We shot till the sun was just about gone. Julie at the end did some speed posing and showed the girls how to whip out multiple poses in just a few minutes. Knowing how to pose your couple in a few minutes but still obtaining powerful posing is pretty useful especially when those dreamy sun rays have left.

After shooting was done and the sun was gone, some of us girls headed out to Tom’s Ice Cream shop in Zanesville. It was just a great as it’s reputation had held it at.

Keep following here on the blog to get more behind the scenes and for completed images from the shoots!

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