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Behind the Scenes

When you see an image, do you ever wonder how they actually got that image? Do you study the image, looking in the eyes seeing if you can “see” what is actually going on? If you have, you aren’t alone! Beyond the Wanderlust wants to start bringing you some behind the scenes of sessions to let you see how others are creating their art! Some of you might be surprised to see how these images are actually created! Every photographer out there is completely different in how they shoot. Myself {Jessica} is very basic! I am a natural light girl and 90% of the time use no flash of any sort! Depending on what style of session I am shooting, changes how I want to emphasize the light source. Today I am going to show how I did a session, inside my house, for a 9 month old.

For myself, at the end of 2012, I decided to actually get some real hardwood flooring. Just the stuff you get that snaps together. I have carpeting in the area I am shooting, so it becomes a little difficult to use paper products. As of now, I have (2)  4 ft (roughly) pieces, of flooring. I use my lighting stands, with utility clamps, to secure them while standing. Definitely can NEVER be TOO CAREFUL. The nice thing also about these wood pieces, is that I can now use my paper drops if I wanted to and have no issues with getting rips in them! In my book it was a win-win! The flooring was bought at Lowe’s and was roughly 90 bucks. If I was doing a newborn, I would have a lot more things out, but this is pretty basic for this type of session. I try to lay out before, anything that I am thinking I want to use for this session. I do have a props closet downstairs, so if I come up with a different idea during the session I can just run down quick and grab it. Again I got my things for my prop closet at Lowe’s and it was the best idea I ever had!

When I am setting up for the session, I have the flooring pieces as far back as I can in my space, to be able to have plenty of room to move around. I have the 50mm 1.4 Nikon lens right now, and am saving up for that 35mm! I place the flooring to face my north window, to ensure that I can naturally enhance those eyes. I also open my west window blinds, to just help “fill” in light behind where I am working. Since I don’t use studio lighting, these sessions are scheduled mid-day, when my house is letting in the most light. I do have the Nikon D700, so if I have to I can bump up my ISO and have no issues with grain. I tend to never shoot below SS of 250, because I do not have the steadiest of hands! Plus when photographing small children, I do not want to run into motion.

This session went very smooth and lasted about one hour. Here is a couple images of what I got from this session, using the technique that I talked about above.


And now some of my behind the scene images:


Jessica and Grace

  • Thanks for sharing! It’s always nice to get ideas from fellow photographers 🙂

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