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The Best of the Business is going to be an amazing tool for your business that I believe most of you didn’t even know that you needed, until now. I have spent the last several months brainstorming of how to bring my love of business and social media, to your businesses, actually providing relevant material. To be able to fully explain what I am envisioning for this exclusive group of 90 artists I need to take you back a bit further in the story.

Last fall I was feeling like I wasn’t giving enough of myself back to you and more importantly your businesses. I was keeping inspirational photography in your feeds but I wasn’t pushing you to be better artists, business owners, wives/husbands, mother/fathers. On top of that, I wasn’t feeding the inner entrepreneur inside of myself. This was the start of the publication and what I knew would become more.

I have been able to work with some amazing talent over the course of the blog and I wanted to push that further into the publication. When the publication was developed it was something I had been wanting to share and publish for a very long time but didn’t feel it was the right timing. First with the publication, and now with the Best of the Business, the blog’s impact to your business is only just beginning.

As I hope you have reviewed from the application, there are 90 artists, from 6 different regions, and 5 different genre of photography being included into this exclusive portion of the blog. Together we will meet quarterly and fine tune your business. No more are the days of struggling through your businesses alone and not knowing what to do next. We will set goals and actually be held accountable to them.

Beyond the Wanderlust has many, many different types of photographers, on all levels of skill sets and while I love every single fan that comes and learns on the blog, the Best of the Business does focus on those photographers trying to thrive a business. The application focuses on a complete business model, where I actually get to see an emotional side to your business. I want to be able to recommend you to clients trying to find a photographer and to be able to provide that I need to make sure your business is one that is actually going to deliver.

Not only will there be client leads but with the growth of the publication there will be exclusive opportunities from companies working with Beyond the Wanderlust. There are going to be new shoots, new blog post and new projects coming in 2015, and those can’t happen without you!

Finally as a Best of the Business artist, you will have exclusive rights to come and teach & share your knowledge on the blog. Teaching classes are a great way to get involved in the photography community, while filling your downtime and increasing your revenue. Together we will elevate your business to that next level.

While there will be tons of other goodies, tips & freebies to come up along the way in 2015, there are also some amazing prizes for top scoring artists. Read all about the goodies and vendors on the application.

When filling out your application don’t dwell on the parts of your business that aren’t fully up to perfection because that is what we are going to build together. If you still don’t feel like you are quite sure what the Best of the Business is all about, email me and I would love to squash all concerns because I know we are going to be a great fit for each other!



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