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Big Announcement and Exciting Changes | Beyond the Wanderlust | Inspirational Photography Blog

I am in the middle of going back and re-blogging events and sessions from the last five days. If you read the update this morning then you would know that my server lost all information on the blog since May the first. In the middle of this meltdown, the big announcement took place! I know I won’t be able to completely re-word everything exactly so I am going to put it all in a nutshell for you! First and most importantly, the blog is now owned and solely ran by Jessica Klaus. Grace Hurtienne recently started a new business that needs her undivided attention. While this may come as a shock to most, this split is completely mutual and friendly. Watch for Grace’s new business to launch this summer. With this announcement is going to come some big changes to how the blog is ran. On Monday the 5th, I started a new piece to get more engagement on all of our Facebook pages. With the decline in social media outreach, I wanted to try to bring something that would get more people involved in posts. These will run similar to weekly and monthly favorites but won’t take the place of them. The daily fan favorites will run Monday through Thursdays, with Monday’s picks coming from the weekend prior and Thursday’s winner being announced on Friday morning. Every morning I will pick five favorites to be voted on as the top image. The winner will be announced then on the blog at 9am the next morning. These will be a trial run to see if this improves engagement and are successful. Next, I am looking for guest bloggers. The blog right now is solely photography based. While this won’t change I do want to incorporate more of a woman’s lifestyle. I will be looking for bloggers for fashion/beauty, DIY, food, Children/lifestyle and just overall important photography/world news. Anyone interested must have excellent grammar and writing skills. There will be a 400-500 word count required with images to be included. There will be a zero strike policy with deadlines as well. People interested will be interviewed and will need to write two articles for review to be considered. If you qualify or know someone who is email Jessica at I am also looking for AD sales position. These positions will be commission only and must have a history in sales or in-person photography sales. People interested must also have knowledge in the photography and related industry for contacts. Anyone interested and who qualifies can email Jessica at There will be some other big changes coming as well but won’t be announced till they are closer to launch. I want to personally thank you for your support over the past year and look forward to all the new growth on the blog!