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Black & White: Creating Art From The Simplest Things

Next class starts August 7th, 2016
End of class September 4th, 2016
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Teacher Cris Stephens

Cris Stephens, of Cris Stephens Photography, is a custom photographer located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Cris is excited to be partnering with Beyond the Wanderlust to share with you her workshop “Black & White: Creating Art From The Simplest Things.” When creating art and capturing moments that are important to us, is important to consider all the elements that are silent but can speak so loud in photographs. Things that the naked eye can miss but that are so strongly part of the story being told. This workshop is planned to share with you all what Cris does when working in her black and whites. From the moment of the shoot till the moment of the post processing. Giving you the tools to create strong monochromatic captures. Being able to give life to a piece of art, from the simplest things and in the most ordinary places.
Introductory PDF
Details & Connections
8 – Course videos
Editing in black and white
Week 1 assignment
Week 1 LIVE chat
Black and white Skies
The Pair:
How to couple images to convey your story
2 – Course videos
Editing in black and white
Week 2 assignment
Week 2 LIVE chat
Blur in camera: shutter speed
6 – Course videos
Editing in black and white
Week 3 assignment
Week 3 LIVE chat
One location’s different feelings
Working with different perspectives and lenses
2 – Course video
Editing in black and white
Week 4 assignment
Week 4 LIVE chat

150 Page PDF Workbook
18 Videos
Four LIVE classes with Cris
All active students receive a social media review from Jessica

CSP black & white photoshop actions

Knowledge of shooting manual is a plus but not a must
Cris will edit in Photoshop and ACR. Must own or have this program available, to get the most out of the editing tutorials

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Cris profile new
Cris Stephens is an Argentine photographer living in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. She lived in Texas for 14 years and just moved to the beautiful mountains with her husband and two children. She enjoys the outdoors very much but mostly, spending time with friends and family. She loves design & décor and loves spending time cooking with her kids. She is a self taught photographer that spent many hours researching and studying. She also participated on numerous workshops and has experience being an assistant instructor and mentor. She specializes in family and black and white photography. Her work has been featured in Mozi Magazine, Michelle Kane’s Website, The Photographers Magazine (international), Finding the Light Workshop, Artfreelance, and multiple photographers collaboration pages like: Beyond the Wanderlust, The Dark Room, Light inspired, Little Bellows and Life Defined Project. She is a collaborator on The Monochromatic Lens where she enjoys the high participation of all the black and white photography lovers. She believes in supporting each other and empowering people.

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Amy profile

Amy Mehlos of Amy Louise Photography

F | W | B

Headshot by: Lindsey Pedey Photography

“This year, I have chosen to be very selective with the workshops I take. This one came along right at the perfect time, as I knew something was lacking in my black and white images, and I really wanted to work on that. I am so glad to say that this workshop didn’t disappoint. I had so many light bulb moments and my black and white images have improved drastically. Cris is friendly, and kind and her critiques are extremely thorough and helpful. I am so pleased I took this workshop. It was worth every penny!”

Char profile

Charlaine Williams of Golden Heart Images by Charlaine

F | W | B

“Taking Cris’s workshop was the best thing I have ever done to transform my black and white photo processing. Since taking her workshop my photography has grown by leaps and bounds. She gave invaluable insight and feedback in each lesson and the time and care she puts into the workshop is like none I’ve ever taken before (and I’ve taken a lot). I recommend this workshop to every person who compliments my processing, without Cris I’d still be wondering how in the world to get those deep feeling monochrome images.”

Jennifer profile

Jennifer Smiser Snavely of Jennifer Snavely Photography

F | W

“I was lucky enough to be in the first run of Cris’s workshop. I can’t say enough about Cris and this class. My black and white photos went to a whole other level and I couldn’t be more happy with what I gained from this class. Cris really made me more aware of what to look for when shooting for B&W and really helped me finally be able to produce the vision I had in my head. She is so enthusiastic and went above and beyond in providing feedback which was invaluable!”

Tracy Headshot

Traci Van Horn of Traci Van Horn Photography


“I had a silent seat for this class and thought that I would just follow along and hopefully pick up a thing or two. I laugh now when I think about that. I not only picked up a thing or two, but Cris changed the way I see black and whites and the way they are created; from the moment I click the shutter to the final image. Cris is so warm and generous and truly wants to see all of her students learn and do well. I think she is one of the most encouraging teachers I’ve ever encountered. The material is so thoughtfully presented, it just makes you want to go out and create. I was also surprised at the amount of content, this course is jam packed – pdf’s, videos, actions and Cris’s Facebook group. You cannot go wrong choosing this workshop. I’ve done a lot of workshops and this is hands down one of the best I’ve ever taken.”

Sonia Profile

Sonia Roveda

“Cris is a natural and exceptional teacher. She is knowledgeable, inspiring and dedicated. Her assignments are well thought out. I immediately saw an improvement in the way I shoot and edit, and she has taken me to another level. This workshop was one of the best investments I made to my photography in a long time!”

Detra Perrotti of Finding the Light Workshop

F | W

“I met Cris many many years ago when she took my online workshop, immediately I knew she had something special. We connected, and grew a relationship with each workshop she took. After some time passed I knew she was someone that would be an asset to my workshop. She not only had grown in her photography, she had an eye for art that I could trust! She was always such a huge part of my workshops, always reliable, detailed, and full of wisdom! She gave all of her heart, experience, and her knowledge without holding anything back to our students. Not only does she has the gift of photography but she has the gift of teaching! She taught with encouragement, positivity, and grace! Yes she was assistant, but I never could’ve done it without her! As a photographer she has an amazing way of documenting her subjects in way that draws the viewer in and captures that raw emotion that will truly leave you as you were in the photograph. I would tell everyone about her, just see for yourself!”

workshop review one

Cate Wnek of Cate Wnek Photography

F | W | B | I

Headshot by:

Jennifer Nobriga Photography

“Cris’ work drew me in a second, rapidly, at first glance. It was so surreal and magical, yet grounded in honesty and consistency. Her guidance to me has been so spot on, with each piece of feedback. She really helped me to begin to see the light that I now worship daily. She is a big warm hug, that transforms you into something fierce and awesome. She is absolutely influenced my work in a meaningful way in the years since I first learned from her expert guidance.”
review two

Jamie Bulger of Jamie Bulger Photography


Headshot by:

Tracy Joy Photography

“I took a workshop with Cris as an instructor, and she is amazingly talented. She has a great understanding of light and is able to convey it through clear instruction and critique. Her black and white photography conveys so much emotion – learning how she does it is a definite privilege!”
review three

Melissa Levesque of Melissa Levesque Photography

F | W | B

“I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Cris as a participant in the Finding the Light workshop. She was kind, specific and provided excellent and actionable feedback that helped me improve the quality of my images.”

Romina Fava of Romina Fava Photography


“I have to start by saying that I’ve been a fan of Cris’ photography for a very long time. I love her usage of colors, the way she works with natural light and her vision. But above all, I die for her black and whites. It blew me away when I had the opportunity to have her as my mentor and instructor. She is open, friendly and welcoming. She will share everything she knows. She always tries to find different approaches to the same theme to make sure that you got what she is teaching. Words cannot express how grateful I am. She has helped me in so many ways that I wouldn’t know where to start, but mostly she helped me with my confidence, always cheering me up but also, pushing and challenging me.”
Romina Moscoso
“I have been participating in many workshops lately and Cris is one of the best instructors I have ever had. Her feedback is very helpful and she is able to tell you exactly how to improve your images and what you are not doing to get the best out of your shot. Her work is so inspiring that you are always learning from her. Cris and her encouraging words helped me to always go forward and not to stop taking pictures.”
logo profile

Sharmilla Mathews Brown of Sharmilla Jade Photography

F | W

“Cris is a wonderful, positive and energetic teacher. She is kind but constructive, and her feedback was always warm and helpful. Learning from her was a real pleasure.”
amy nowak

Amy Nowak of Amy Nowak Photography

F | W | B

“I first met Cris during my first run of the Finding the Light Workshop. I was very new to photography. Cris was an assistant instructor and her feedback for a beginning photography student trying to learn how to see the light was invaluable. Her feedback was positive, but also so well explained and thorough. She is also an incredibly supportive member of the photography community. Cris has such a beautiful way of capturing her subjects, especially her black and white images. They are bold, dramatic, and soulful. Every time I see one of her images, I know it is hers right away.”
Stacey Profile copy

Andrea Soria

“Cris is not only an amazing photographer but also instructor. I really love her photographs. They are like pieces of art representing everyday life in a magical and beautiful way. She has a special gift not only taking pictures but also, sharing her passion with others. I have the opportunity to see her grow as an artist and also, to have her as a mentor. She loves teaching and to share all what she knows to help you to get better. She puts a lot of dedication in her feedbacks from which I learnt so much. I thank her for being such an inspiration.”