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Jessica Smith
Brigham & Co. Photography & Design Photography
New Haven, Conn.

Brigham & Co. is a vintage-inspired photography and design company in New Haven, Conn. with a métier in romantic and rustic weddings and portraiture. At the heart, B&Co. is me, Jessica Smith, a girl who simply believes in intuitive, pure, heart-on-your-sleeve photography. I am in love with natural light. I am motivated by the momentary. I am a photojournalist at heart. My comes straight from the heart. I recently took on independent photography work full-time, officially opening the doors to B&Co. this past January. I am inspired by my family, my fiancé, my clients and my photographic counterparts around the world.

The Session-

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone – my girlfriend Krystal and I ventured to an inconspicuous field in Guilford, Connecticut for a rustic, native wildflower-picked portrait session. It was late June and encroaching the golden hour. Together we frolicked through the spider-laden field together, cuing our ignorance of the crawly critters, to play in the sun and create something wonderful in the tepid air.

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