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Brittney Hannon Photography | Artist Spotlight

Welcome Brittney! Tell our fans a little about yourself; Specifically what is it that you find yourself shooting the most of.

Hello there! Well, my name is Brittney and I am located in Southern California. I’m married to my high school sweetheart and we have a 1 year old Corgi pup {her name is Harlee}. I’ve always had an interest in photography but it was always just a hobby for me until my husband Justin and I were looking for our wedding photographer. I always knew that there were photographers but it wasn’t until that moment of looking through all of these photographers’ websites that I realized what my purpose in life was. It was one of those moments that just kind of hit me and I thought “wow, people can actually do what they love for a living?!?” And that is where my business began! I studied and studied and practiced and practiced…I am self-taught and still enjoy learning anything I can to make myself a better photographer. I mainly shoot high school seniors, families and couples. I have done second shooting under the fabulous Brittanee Taylor and am hoping to start doing weddings of my own soon. Oh, and I’m a Canon girl.

How do you find yourself bringing out the true inner self on a person?

The best way for bring out my subjects’ inner self is to make them feel comfortable so that they bring out their personalities. I am a huge dork {my husband will be the first to admit that} and I love making people laugh and I feel like when I’m able to laugh with my clients and really connect with them on more of a friend level; it makes them feel comfortable being in front of my camera and their true personalities will come out. I’m definitely not the type of photographer that likes to stand there and pose each and every shot. Life isn’t lived looking like statues, it’s full of movement and emotion and that’s what I aim to capture.

What would be one small piece of advice on finding light sources when shooting in different locations?

That is a great question! One thing that I tend to do quite often is visit the location a few days before my session. I try to go around the same time that my session is held and by doing this, I’m able to walk around and really study the light. The way it falls through the trees, where there is shade, where the sun is located at a particular time, etc. And of course there are times where I can’t visit the location beforehand and if that’s the case, I try to arrive at my session 20-30 minutes early that way I have time to scope out the area and see where the best light sources are before my clients arrive. By doing this, you already have an idea of where you’re going to be shooting and you can visualize how you want the images to look. Every location is different so I find that being prepared before your clients arrive really help everything go much smoother.

Tell us more about your Fashion Week!

Oh my goodness, talk about butterflies in your stomach!! I had an amazing opportunity to shoot backstage at LA Fashion Week back in October and it was such a phenomenal experience. I had a friend from school, Taniya, who works in the fashion industry contact me and tell me that the producer of LA Fashion Week {her name is Arianna} was looking for a photographer backstage and that I should email her. So I emailed her and we sent a few emails back and forth and then we talked on the phone and she looked at my work and said that I was perfect for what she was looking for! Our personalities totally clicked but I still couldn’t believe that she picked me to be her photographer! I was so stunned and felt so incredibly blessed by this opportunity that I was given that I literally started tearing up. After the initial shock set in I thought “CRAP!!! What do I wear to Fashion Week?!” And yes that is a valid concern because I was going to be around all of these beautiful people who eat, sleep and breathe fashion!
I do live in Southern California but I live about 40 minutes East of Los Angeles so I don’t see famous people so you can imagine the nerves I felt once I checked in at the location. Walking backstage once I arrived at the location only to see famous designers, models that I’ve watched on America’s Next Top Model, celebrities, etc. totally made me pinch myself to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming! I kept thinking, how did I get chosen to do this?!? Now, I’m more of a country, outdoorsy girl and I’ve never really had an interest in fashion. Especially doing fashion photography! But this experience quickly changed my mind. There was just something so exhilarating about being around these beautiful models {the more well-known ones being Raina Hein from ANTM Cycle 14 and Brittany Brown from ANTM Cycle 19}, the celebrities {Kaya Jones , former pussycat doll and current solo artist and Apl. de. ap from the Black Eyed Peas}, and the AMAZING designers { one being Furne One}. I got meet so many amazing people that I can now call my friends. After doing LA Fashion Week, I was invited to do OC Fashion Week and that was just as fun! There is something so mesmerizing about the bright lights, the fabulous gowns and the chaos of being backstage during a show that I just crave! I’m now officially hooked on Fashion Photography!

How does shooting that, carry over into your personal projects?

It helps A LOT! Arianna, the producer of LA Fashion Week and I have quickly become great friends and anytime I post about an idea for a stylized shoot, she messages me instantly with “Lets do it! I have the perfect designer and the perfect models for your shoot.” Even the models that I’ve become friends with from Fashion Week volunteer for my stylized shoots and it’s just so amazing to have a great group of people in the fashion world that are so supportive of my work that they are willing to help me. And of course in turn it gives them more images for their portfolios and I love helping them out in that way

Who is your favorite up and coming photographer?

Oh that is a tough one! I’m a huge fan of so many photographers… There is one photographer that I very much admire and even though I don’t feel like she’s up and coming {she is very much a professional} I have to say Abby Grace of Abby Grace Photography. I would LOVE to meet her one day, she is just so inspiring to me.

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