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Business. Say Hello to the F-bomb

Beyond the Wanderlust F Bomb

Think back to when you very first started your photography business, to what most likely feels like light ages ago now. Remember the first time you held your gear and the surge of energy and excitement running through your body. Every new thing about photography was like fuel to your ever growing urge to learn. With the gear and the urge to learn, you head out into the world wide web, hoping to find something, anything, that gives you viable information. Finding a source that actually gives great information, is basically what I would envision the gold miners back in 1800’s feeling like. If you were like me, you found some artist/s on Facebook that you really thought “you wanted to be like.” You followed their pages religiously, you strived to shoot like them and prayed only one day you might be as half as good as them.

Fast forward a few months and you are still energetic but you are starting to get some wind under your sails and feel like maybe, just maybe, you are actually taking in some of this information. Again fast forward a year or two and hopefully you are still here and have an amazing business. While this is all great I am sure you are wondering where I am heading with this ::I know long winded I can be. Just ask my mother::

As I grow more into my business and actually more into myself, I can see the industry in a more perspective and reasonable view. Some of those artists you idolized you realize are still great but are no better than what you are. Yes they were better than you back then but you aren’t that same artist anymore. You have learned and grown and taken each step in business to get to this point. But now the difference is that you might have a budding artist that is just starting out and is looking for their role model in business, all this while they might not even realize it, watching and idolizing you.

Sure we love our jobs but we get stressed and we have times where we feel immensely beat down. Some of you might even swear this is your last year in business, even though we all know you really aren’t going to give up this love of yours. ::I mean really:: The difference in what makes a good industry leader and a great industry leader is how we conduct ourselves. Even when we are faced with the biggest obstacles that we ever thought imagined, there is someone watching and who looks up to you. Actually I have the perfect mind set.

::Picture yourself, sitting in a room full of toddlers, everyone happy, when someone says something off tone and a mother whips out the F-bomb, loudly::

EKK! You think to yourself, “did that really just happen?” While this might be what you do at home, and I myself would say bomb away, there is always a time and a place for this. In a room full of toddlers, in church, and yes, even on your business page, this is not acceptable. ::Unless you are Ash, from The Middle Finger Project and it isn’t directly said to someone::

As role models, if we don’t deliver the best possible version of ourselves, then how can we ever expect the generations coming up behind us to have success? Success has multiple running parts and knowing how to conduct ourselves is of the utmost importance. Trust me, I know personally how hard business is. Everyday we get faced with new challenges and learning how to grow through those struggles in the end is the most rewarding feeling.

I want to go back a few paragraphs to where “that” mother dropped “that” word. Better yet let’s replace the F-bomb with the mother hitting another mother in front of the children. Where would you find yourself in the middle of this situation? By not coming in and stopping the mother’s from fighting and even encouraging the first mother to attack the other, you are no better than them.

Part of being an adult, and a leader, is being able to stand up and say when something is wrong – Tweet this

Part of being an adult is that it downright stinks sometimes and we have to do really, really hard things, like telling someone they are wrong. Watching the visible downgrade of a person, is not ok and never will be ok, even when it is from your so said “idol.” There are some trends in the industry that I feel will be changing and changing hopefully very soon. In order for there to be new reform in the world, we have to be the leaders. Stand up to internet bullies. Stand for positive growth. Positive business. And be the positive role model you would want for your daughter.

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Image from: Pexels

  • Kala Bernier

    Yesss! Thank you for this! I hate seeing these rude people feeling they can say whatever they want simply because they have a large following. It is so unprofessional and makes them look horrible.

  • Kate Boggs

    here here BTW FTW!

  • rhanks for standing up to the bullies on our industry. Glad somebody with a voice that can’t be shut down finally spoke up! 😉

  • Crystal VanAntwerpen

    Thank you. I’m tired of people getting too big for their britches and acting like they can talk to people however they want. Talking to people like this is flat out unprofessional.

  • Cindy Collins

    I don’t care if someone has talent and skill beyond Beethoven; creating drama STIFLES skill & talent. Energy either repels or attracts. You attract clients that are like you. #TRUTHBOMB

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