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Charlotte Photography | Charlotte, NC | Winter Wonderland Portrait Session | Beyond the Wanderlust Fan Feature

TJ & Rebekah
Charlotte Photography
Charlotte, NC

The Carolina’s were recently hit with a 3 day snow storm that turned Charlotte into a Winter Wonderland.  Down South, when it snows, everything shuts down.  So, after being cooped up inside for a while, my husband and I decided to be our own clients for a change.  I did my hair, put makeup on, and we headed out to search for a beautiful location to create some self portraits as well as photograph each other.  We had so much fun in the 30 minutes we were out there.  It was an amazing feeling to actually take this shoot seriously as if we were the clients.  At one point I had the wireless remote in my hand, started pretending it was a wand, and took so many fun images of myself being goofy and fun.  I will always cherish these beautiful portraits and memories that my husband and I captured of ourselves.
  • Dana Churchill McKnelly

    beautiful !

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