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Cities in Color: Purple

Created by Melissa, of Melissa Hines Photography, Cities in Color was created to push each other creatively, through finding colors in our local cities. Each month Melissa picks her favorite 10 images, with the top three images including their stories. The community chose the color purple for the month of February and once again, everyone rose to the challenge! March’s color is green.

Melissa has chose her top images and they are as followed: 



Rubylee Photography | Facebook | Website

“When I saw the array of painted paintbrushes hanging in a display while out shopping one afternoon I was quickly intrigued by the simple but unique design. So I walked around it and observed the fun splatters and the way they drifted as a breeze swept through when the door opened nearby.. kind of calming really! Then I remembered I should check for purple! the rest is history…”



Jessica Wynder Photography | Facebook | Website

“While at our local library I spotted my daughter going through all the purple Scooby-Doo books and I saw the opportunity to not only capture my purple image for the month, but also the chance to capture my little book lover in her element. I try to remember to bring my camera everywhere I go because you never know when inspiration can strike.”



C | Fairchild Photography | Facebook | Website

“This window is part of an old 10 x 10 shack that’s attached to our local bread store. I had never realized how a good purple is hard to find until this project. I have labored over many of my shots to support challenges, but like most of my best ones this one came right to me and I noticed it while driving by one day. This was the first and only picture I was able to take that day.”



Tess Runion Photography | Facebook | Website


Piper Anne Photography | Facebook | Website


Mel Karlberg Photography Workshops and Mentoring | Facebook | Website


Lindsey Thaler | Flickr


Christa Paustenbaugh Photography | Facebook | Website


Applewood Photography | Facebook | Website


Adriana Meixner Photography | Facebook | Website

We welcome any artist into the group that wants to join in on the adventure. >> JOIN GROUP HERE << This project is a great way to get out in your city and really discover hidden treasures.