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Cities in Color: Red

Cities in Color: Red

Created by Melissa, of Melissa Hines Photography, Cities in Color was created to push each other creatively, through finding colors in our local cities.  In each of the bi-monthly publications I will choose three images to share, along with a short story from the artists explaining their vision. Along with the top three images, I will highlight a variety of other images from the month. Melissa then will pick her favorite 10 images, with the top three image’s stories. The community chose the color red for the month of December and they rocked it all month long! January’s color is white.

Melissa has chose her top images and they are as followed: 



Colleen Putman Photography | Facebook | Website

I’m a huge fan of symmetry and the color red, so when fellow photographer and friend Meagan Dwyer and I strolled around my neighborhood in NYC last month with her children, we absolutely had to ask each of the kids to stand in front of a door for a photo. I just love how Meagan’s little girl had no fear to try out the doorknob to see if she could walk in to say hello, while her son was a bit more hesitant and curious to see what would happen to his sister if she walked in on strangers.



Stacey Repinski Photography | Facebook | Website

I shot this while I was 2nd shooting a wedding. We ended the day on a rooftop and this art grabbed my attention right away! I shot it from a couple different angles but ended up loving how this image looked. I especially love the fact that it was getting darker out – I think it really added the overall feel of this image.”



Tumbling Sparrow Photography | Facebook | Website

I found this sweet little hair salon on a side street by the university, one of our favorite areas to visit. I didn’t realize at the time there was a “find the puppy” theme in a series of Sesame Street books we got for Christmas. (We are on quite the Elmo kick) Well the first book we read was finding a puppy in the window at a hair salon. A very fun coincidence finding this hair salon with a puppy in the window that looks exactly like the one in the book!



Jenny Gildea Photography | Facebook | Website


Holly Nicole Photography | Facebook


Adriana Meixner Photography | Facebook | Website


Fleur Louise Photography | Facebook | Website


Sweet Rose Elise Photography | Facebook


Tess Runion Photography | Facebook | Website


Erin VonRuden Keogh | Facebook

We welcome any artist into the group that wants to join in on the adventure. >> JOIN GROUP HERE << This project is a great way to get out in your city and really discover hidden treasures.