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Cities in Color: Yellow

Cities in Color : Yellow

Created by Melissa, of Melissa Hines Photography, Cities in Color was created to push each other creatively, through finding colors in our local cities.  In each of the bi-monthly publications I will choose three images to share, along with a short story from the artists explaining their vision. Along with the top three images, I will highlight a variety of other images from the month. Melissa then will pick her favorite 10 images, with the top three image’s stories. Melissa chose the color yellow for the month of October and it was a great pick! November’s color is orange and with us deep into fall, there sure are some great finds.

Melissa has chose her top images and they are as followed: 


Dinah Reece Photography | Facebook | Website
“I took this photo one morning while walking around in downtown San Antonio. The sun was just peaking over the buildings when I found this yellow bike in front of a local bar. I shot this with my 24-70, and I added a tilt shift effect in post to draw focus to the yellow bike.”


Adriana Meixner Photography | Facebook | Website

“I chose this photo because I was drawn to the light coming thru the large windows and reflecting off the glass at all angles. It was stunning! This picture was taken at Houston airport in the early evening hours and surprisingly there was not a single person around. It’s as if the scene was begging me to capture this bright yet quiet moment – which I was only too happy to oblige!”


Twenty-Nine Photography | Facebook | Website

“While San Antonio earlier this month, I tried to capture the essence of the city in less conventional ways, and I loved looking for little pops of yellow to photograph for this project. As a few friends and I were walking to lunch one day, I told them to go ahead while I stayed back to take photos of the puddles left in the street from a recent shower. (Luckily they’re all photographers too, so they didn’t even roll their eyes like my family would have. Ha!) When I saw the reflection of the traffic lights and crosswalk signs on the wet pavement, I knew I had found a shot I wanted. I waited until the light turned yellow and snapped the shutter. If I were to wax poetic I would say that I love how the yellow lights. The standing water both suggest a need for increased awareness and caution, yet they also represent a sense of the temporary and in-between, caught in that moment when I held up my camera to the scene.”

Highlighted Images:

Whimsy Heart Photography | Facebook | Website

My Three Sons Images | Facebook

Haley Hay Photography | Facebook | Website

Becky Burch Auerbach | Facebook

Rebecca Coursey | Facebook | Website

Britney Wharton Photography | Website

Stacey Repinski Photography | Facebook | Website

We welcome any artist into the group that wants to join in on the adventure. >>JOIN GROUP HERE<< This project is a great way to get out in your city and really discover hidden treasures.