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Color Me Ashley | Ashley Nacke Photography | Beyond the Wanderlust Vendor Feature

Welcome to Ashley Nacke Photography! We are beyond excited to have her here and talking to us a little about her business and her new venture she is on. Please Ashley tell our fans about your newest launch!

I am so excited to be talking to the Beyond the Wanderlust fans today! My newest launch is called Color Me Ashley, it’s a set of actions for Photoshop CS 4,5,6 and Elements 11. These actions are all about colors and breaking the rules! If you have ever wanted to add something different to your photographs, this is it!

What made you think that you wanted to create these and how did you pair up with two pear designs?

I wanted to create these actions to mimic my colorful style of editing. I have been experimenting with natural light and light leaks for quite some time now and I love incorporating that aspect into my work. It’s not something you see often so I thought it would be fun to offer this style to other photographers to begin experimenting with as well. I’ve been working on projects with Holly from Two Pear designs for a year now. Last fall we held a Senior Portrait Workshop for photographers and bonded over that. She approached me with the idea of putting my editing style into actions and immediately I was on board! We went back and forth for a few weeks working on these and I simply adore the outcome!

Has the process of creating these actions and publishing them been as easy as you thought?

Ashley Nacke Photography and Two Pear are both growing businesses so it has actually been a fun process to watch the word get out about Color Me Ashley. I had the opportunity to ask some of my personal favorite photographers to test them out, such as the ladies from Sassyfras studios, Spanki Mills, Grace E. Jones Photography, Reva May Photography and more! All of them have completely different styles and it’s great to see them embrace the use of these actions in their own work.

The actual process was not as hard as I expected, Holly had me write down step by step my editing workflow and she took that and created actions. We went back and forth adding new ideas, tones, and hazes. It’s not something I could have done on my own so I am so blessed to have worked with her on this project!

In a business that is so competitive why did you decide to help others in creating edits similar to your style?

I get this question a lot, and the truth is I love helping others and seeing them succeed! I saw a need for these type of actions in the market and I embraced the chance to make the photography world a little bit more colorful and interesting! Everyone has their own personal style and I believe that the photographers using these will adapt the Color Me Ashley actions into their workflow and make them their own.

What is coming up for your business in the spring of 2013 and where can our fans find your action set at?

I have some fun workshops coming up and I plan on doing a lot more traveling this year! Holly and I are going to continue to make actions and new add-on’s for the set. Color Me Ashley can be purchased for $50.00 in the Two Pear Design store.

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Now to the fun part! Ashley Nacke is giving one of our LUCKY fans a set of COLOR ME ASHLEY!! This will run through this coming Monday 2-25 and the winner will be announced after the Girls Night In!! GOOD LUCK!!


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