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Communication: Increasing Sales in Your Senior Photography Business

by: Jessica Klaus Photography


Communication is a vital part in your photography business. How you communicate could have you leaving money on the table during your ordering sessions. We want to help you maximize your client relationships and in return get your target session profit!



We are hoping up to this point you have your pricing structure where you need to turn a profit. If you haven’t this is the very first step you should be taking to have your business being successful. After you have your model in place, being very upfront with your clients on pricing, packages and any incentives you offer is going to have a more educated client at ordering. What does that mean for you? Hopefully the more they educate themselves on a. how they can work your rewards to maximize their account (this hopefully means more new clients for you!) and b. they are willing and ready to come into their ordering to pay for the product they really want in their house; just not settling for. By having your clients walk into an ordering session blind, this could lead you down a road to frustration and lower returns. Educated clients are going to be more aware of how they can save for those amazing products and also will have them going into their session knowing they can afford your packages. You don’t want to spend your time and creativity to find out that your client can’t afford your services.




This part is tricky and one of the most important to build a relationship of trust. For seniors you not only have to have a service that the senior just needs to have you but also one that the parents trust you with their child and money! Having a very open line of communication that is built upon a ton of client education, this will have your clients feeling more at ease with you. Building a lasting relationship will have your client happy and willing to spend with your business. Clients want to know they can trust a person before spending a hefty price tag.


These two areas are a couple of the most important parts to increasing your orders. Here are some tips on how to build these into your business:

Get a guide

This is simple and easy to do! Many places offer free services to online magazines that allow you to upload a PDF that you have created custom to your business. There is also a ton of vendors now that offer pre-made magazine templates. With having a guide, this is a piece of material that your clients can go back at from point to point and have a reference on how their session will flow.


Meet with your clients as much as your time allows. When building your pricing structure account in how much time you want to spend with your clients. Again building that relationship will only make your business more successful. With providing your clients consults this allows you to not only build a relation but also touch point on pricing and how you can customize a payment plan to fit their needs.

Welcome Information

Having tangible items for your families to hold and hang in an important area is a great way to remind them of when, where or what they need to be doing. Again if your client does not know what you need from them, this will leave you with deadlines not met.

Communication is such an important part and will only further advance your business. Practice with what you want to say to your clients with family members. Show off your guides to as many friends as you can to have any obvious errors caught. Keep pushing yourself and soon your sales will benefit!


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