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Another week is behind us! It always seems it takes so long to get to spring and once we do the time flies! Soon schools will be out, if they aren’t all ready, and the full force of summer will be on. I know my family and myself are writing out a list of must do’s this summer! We always have big plans but push them off till “next week.” I am going to be working on a free printable that is a bucket list for this summer’s activities! Stay tuned but in the mean time here is the winner of yesterday’s fan favorite:

Nicole Smith Photography

nicole smith photography

Congratulations also to all the other photographers who had amazing runner up images!

Sunny King Photography

sunny king photography

Jess Croshaw Photography

jess croshaw photography

Amber Rhodes Photography

amber rhodes photography

Gipsyisle Boutique and Portraiture 

Gipsyisle boutique and portraiture