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Daily Feature

Keep an eye on the blog. You never know what kind of fun we will have! Today I {Jessica} was  bored and wanted to play. So I asked everyone to throw at us their favorite image. It didn’t have to be a certain type or style or even year! The entries were fab {as always} and here are my top five picks.

 Holly Molly/Design and Photography



Michelle Levinson Photography



Elle Hines Photography


Jessica Oh Photography



Sara Gatlin Photography



Jessica and Grace

  • holy guacamole!!!! the first image! GAH! gorgeous! and the one of the kids at the table is completely adorable! so real and genuine! i love it! 🙂

  • These are stunning!

  • Holy Molly design and photography I liked the most. I have seen some of her other pictures and she has a great eye w/ the camera. I liked the others but hers was the best. Thanks

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