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Dawn Piebenga

Dawn Photography

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Dawn started photography about six years ago. It was always just a hobby, until she realized that she couldn’t imagine doing anything else with her time. Dawn absolutely loves everything about photography. She loves capturing a memory, a frozen piece of time. Dawn also loves meeting new people. She also sees the beauty in an ugly place, you drive by, not the highway, but a beautiful backdrop scene for a photo shoot.

Dawn tells us a bit more about how she pulled together this look:
“A few weeks ago, I was driving around the outskirts of my hometown, and saw this beautiful, drained out, piece of a lake. It was covered in thick, bright green moss, tree stumps, and a small trickling river running through the middle. I knew I had to do a photo shoot there.

When I got home, I posted to my Facebook page that I was looking for a fun, carefree, madly in love couple, willing to get muddy.
I had so many wonderful people ask to be a part of this, but when Shailenea messaged me, it all clicked. I knew Shailenea and her husband, Stephen, were perfect for this. These two have been through so much in their lives together, have been thrown so many obstacles, and throughout it all they are one of the strongest, happiest, and most in love couple I’ve ever met!
This shoot was very personal to me. Since I moved back to my hometown with my boyfriend, I’ve come really close to Shailenea. We became friends over our love for crafting!! A few months into being friends, she told me a very personal thing about herself. Shailenea is battling terminal cancer. She has undergone multiple rounds of chemotherapy as well as radiation, extensive scans, blood work and multiple surgeries. She is one of the most caring, thoughtful, selfless, strong, funny, wonderful, beautiful person, mother, wife and friend. It felt really amazing to be capturing their love in such a timeless way. I want their daughter to be able to see these photos when she grows up, and eventually show them to her kids. She will never forget the amazing love her parents have.

Couldn’t have asked for a more romantic, and natural couples session with these two!


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