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I can’t be in denial anymore, 2015 is here. I have went looking for the perfect 2015 calendar but nothing had exactly what I wanted or was in my price range.  I had posted a few weeks back about keeping business goals together, and I hope you have been, so I needed to have something to incorporate these spaces together. I scoured Pinterest and mixed together some ideas that fit what I already had in mind! All the supplies I already had at home and were super easy to put together.

Beyond the Wanderlust DIY Calendar

What you will need:

 •Any notebook with a decent amount of pages

•Washi tape



Beyond the Wanderlust DIY Calendar 001

I also as you will see have added the adorable camera stamp to mine for days I have shoots scheduled. I also made little clothespins to mark special days. You could also use paperclips and add some washi tape on top of those for page markers. There are endless possibilities to how you could specialize your calendar.

Beyond the Wanderlust DIY Calendar 007

How your calendar is laid out will depend on how busy you are, if you are including family activities or keeping this solely for business, and how clean you want the labeling. For me, I kept out the first 10 pages for contacts. I know through the year I will run into people that I want to keep their information or numbers/emails I don’t want to lose.

Beyond the Wanderlust DIY Calendar 006

The layout I made needs a total of 4 pages to complete. I started the section by having first a weekly to-do list. This will be great for myself to have an area where I can put down things I want to complete or even just ideas I have as the week comes up. Next I have the page sectioned off into fours for each day of the week. After Sunday there was 1/2 of the page left so I removed the washi tape on the bottom half and left a notes spot. To finish up the 4 page layout, I added a weekly business goals + motivation section. This is where I will add business goals I completed or anything significant that I think will motivate me to look back on.

Beyond the Wanderlust DIY Calendar 003

If I had more pages to my notebook, I would have had one page only include 2 days. I really wanted to use this notebook that I used so I was willing to scrunch space a bit more.

Beyond the Wanderlust DIY Calendar 004

The awesome thing with having a calendar that is more like a book, is that you can obviously travel with it but you can also get pretty fancy with what you add to it. I had bought a little camera stamp awhile back on a Plaid Barn and it will work out perfect to mark any days that I have shoots scheduled. You could also snag some stickers at your local craft store to mark special days. If you make your calendar for your family or to include your family, you could use multiple styles of washi tape to signify which family member that activity belongs to.

If you have ideas for what you want to see next for DIY post email them in ATTN: DIY to Jessica at

  • glimmersnaps

    Love it! So simple and easy. I prefer the size and flexibility of a three-ring binder. I work from home so I really have no need to take it anywhere so the larger size doesn’t bother me in that respect.

    Here are the pages I use:

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