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Elyse Alexandria Photography | Yuba City, California | Urban Ballroom Dance | Beyond The Wanderlust Fan Feature

Elyse Alexandria
Yuba City, California

My brother-in-law and his wife are part of a world-renowned ballroom dance team. Their team has competed all over the world and recently just won the world championships in Blackpool, England. If you know anything about dancing in just about any form, you know that you kind of escape into your own world. Several months ago, I had this idea of capturing this passion of theirs in something totally unpredictable and unusual. How often do you find fancy dresses and tuxedos mixed with wilderness or concrete parking garages? I wanted to create a juxtaposition of the beauty and poise that accompany ballroom with the rustic beauty of nature and the urban industrial feel, neither of which are common settings for such fine attire.

Hair & Make-Up: Lisa Frehner
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  • Sarah Janee

    Gorgeous! A photographer’s dream.

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