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Emotional Lighting: Using Light + Shadows to Tell The Story with Jessica Max

Sales Open May 1st – 10th
Teacher Jessica Rasmussen

Jessica Rasmussen, of Jessica Max, is a lifestyle photographer from northern Michigan. Jessica is excited to come together with Beyond the Wanderlust to bring you her workshop, Emotional Light: Using Light and Shadows to Tell Your Story. The impact dramatic lighting has is what draws Jessica to shooting in such lighting situations, as they impact the stories being told. In her workshop Jessica will help you find these types of light artistically, discover what it is you are drawn to and become fearless in creating artistic images. If you want to learn how to use light and shadows to create mystery and emotion in your images, Jessica hopes you will join her on this journey.

Part I

Learning to see dramatic light artistically
Breaking the norm with light
Shooting what you are drawn to
Why I shoot wide open
Camera settings and modes
Taking your time for the shot

Part II

Shooting in full sun and harsh light
How I use full sun to my advantage
Lens selection
Shooting in low light and shadows
Learning to find light sources
Self portraiture and boudoir

Part III

Shooting and editing
Shooting without a “shot list”
Before and after images
My editing workflow

Part IV

Finding your niche
Why finding your niche is important
Discovering your niche

Materials Received:
  • 112 page PDF workbook
  • Editing video with Jessica in Lightroom
  • BTS video with Jessica on a boudoir shoot
  • Custom Lightroom presets


Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery of materials after purchase.

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Jessica max profile

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Jessica, of Jessica Max, is a photographer born and raised in Michigan, living in Puerto
Rico. She loves water, adventure, and giant oversized shirts. Jessica spends her time chasing light with her little kids, playing in the sand, and begging her husband for pizza. A strong love for books, random or delicate details, and shadows are some of the things that inspire her. Jessica focuses on capturing real, emotional portraiture and connection in her images from the chaos of every day life.



Justyna E Butler of Justyna E Butler Photography

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“Do you savor the beauty of light itself? How is dances on your subject. How it highlights the little details and creates an emotive frame. It is pure magic… like a breath of fresh air. My heart sang while reading Jessica’s workshop. Abandon your comfort zone…be fearless…Jessica will show you her ways to find the LIGHT!”


Aniya Legnaro of Life Photography by Aniya

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“Sometimes in our journey as artists, we lose our way. We aren’t sure who we are in the sea of creatives. We doubt ourselves… our work, our art. Then comes this workshop. As I dove in head first, word after word gripped me as I was given the permission and freedom by Jessica to not be afraid to get out and create. She debunks the myths of “stay away from 12pm shooting,” and further gives you the tools to create beautiful work in any light. From the midday fears to running away from low light, Jessica takes your hand and guides you through it all. By the end of the workshop, I wanted nothing more than to haul out the kids in the middle of the day, and create something new, refreshing and fantastic. As if this wasn’t enough, Jessica shows you how you can use anything in your immediate environment to add something different to your photographs. When I say anything, I mean anything. It was mind blowing. Thanks Jessica for unlocking these secrets for me.”

Kelli Jacobi Profile

Kelly Jacobi of Kelly Jacobi Photography

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“I am a huge fan of Jessica’s work. She is a true artist! Her workshop gave incredible insight into the way she approaches the scene and how she works with some of the toughest light. She pushes you to try new things, get creative, and believe in yourself. Seeing her vision come to life in the workbook, and in the behind the scenes videos, is incredibly inspiring! This is a workshop you do not want to miss!”