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How I Fail at Life and You Do Too | Inspirational Photography Blog

Why I fail at life and you do too by Beyond the Wanderlust | Inspirational Photography Blog

Yikes. Pretty harsh statement right there isn’t it? But I am willing to bet we have all failed at life at one point or another and I am here to tell you it is ok. To really get the full picture here we need to zoom back to a pivotal time in your life, your senior year of high school. Now that is really a scary thought there! If you were like most 17 or 18 year olds, you had a way horrible hair style, acne out the yin-yang, and way too many hormones for one person to handle. Now this is where I actually think life is hilarious. They expect a ball of hormones, an 18 year old, to determine what they will love and want to do for the rest of their life. I could barely decide what type of ice cream I wanted, let alone what career I should be doing. No matter if you weren’t 100% confident on your career choice, you couldn’t go to college undecided, because those people were the jokes that didn’t know what they were doing with their life [really maybe the joke was on you].

Now to even go back a little bit further, I always wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up. Honestly I think from the time that I could talk, I could argue. I think this was the only thing that kept my parents sane through all the years of me arguing my point till I was blue in the face, was one day I would make great money doing it. Well, as I look around, I can tell you I am definitely not rolling in the dough. My ‘lawyer plan’ was all on track to becoming my real day job, till I did a job shadowing. ¬†My dreams lived and died in that 60 year old, property tax lawyer’s office. I grew up in a small farming town and let me tell you the crime rate was not high. Like zilch. Which is great and all but when you breathed Law & Order as an inspiring lawyer, the boring-ness of a small town, property tax lawyer’s office was a buzz kill to my dreams. All I knew was if that was being a lawyer, I wanted nothing to do with it.

Looking back on that experience, it really wasn’t a great thing to judge my career over but maybe the lawyer card wasn’t for me either. And what does every aspiring lawyer, turned anti-lawyer, decide to be…well something in the health field. Now that was ultra confusing to me, but we will save that story for another day. Skip to 11 years later and here I am blogging. I did go onto the health field and I did my duties well for 5 years to patients from all walks of life. I filled my heart in more ways than I could imagine but my brain wasn’t getting what it needed to continue to grow. I have always been someone to want to overachieve and where I was employed, it just wasn’t happening. So I think at this point, I threw a bunch of ideas into a hat and pulled out photographer. This was right before ‘everyone’ was becoming a photographer. Now I can poke fun at myself because I now know how silly I was to think that I could turn this amazing profitable career, with little to no experience. I also have no clue where exactly being a photographer came from. I was always a person who liked to be doing arts or crafts, was an artistic person in school, but being a photographer was definitely not a life long dream.

So three years into my photography journey and here I am with this full time blogging job. Life is funny like that. Because right when you think you have everything figure out, it changes again. I have finally decided, I am not going to try to guess where I am heading next. I do know that even though I have ‘failed’ at many things prior to this, I have succeeded ultimately at life. Here are my five reasons I know I have succeeded:

1. Fight Like a Girl

This might have been the part where the lawyer card came in but I can throw up a hefty fight. It takes a lot to make me stop and through the years of ups and downs with my career, I can promise you one thing, I never stopped fighting. If I can say one thing about myself, is that I give 110% to everything I do, even if it is the wrong thing for me.

2. Pretty Dang Resourceful

So I have this pretty little thing sitting in my home office, an associates degree of applied science, that now collects dust. While I look at that as a failure, I know I worked so hard to earn that degree. I also can look at my blogging + photography career and know that while I do not have a degree in marketing [probably what I should have majored in] I have taught myself extremely well. I have taken a small blog, created a well known name, and even created some revenue along the way.

3. Faced Myself

This actually might have been the hardest accomplishment in my adult life. We all want to think of ourselves as this amazing person and while we are, it isn’t quite as rosy as we think. Being able to look at yourself and see your wins vs losses makes you even more successful and not every person has the guts to do that.

4. A Little Thing Called Experience

To actually sit and think of all the things I can do doesn’t really seem too impressive but if I were to actually see the list in black & white, I would probably be blown away. We all just truck through life and while we are moving along we are learning so much more then we could ever realize. Even through your failures, you are learning and that is building your way to your future. Each experience will mold you into a better person than you were yesterday.

5. The American Dream

I am still not sure if this ‘dream’ is really all it is cracked up to be but I am living it. Not every person is built to be an entrepreneur and for you to be doing it and still standing is pretty dang awesome.

So even though you might be failing today, tomorrow you will be one failure closer to success.

How I Fail at Life by Beyond the Wanderlust | Inspirational Photography Blog

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