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I get daily multiple photographers emailing in asking about features or submissions. With the new growth & followers, I decided a little update on how things work might be in order! SUBMISSIONS: Beyond the Wanderlust is an EXCLUSIVE photography blog. What does that mean? This means that all features that are taken into consideration for a feature MUST not have been shown anywhere else but the photographer’s personal blog. The goal for the blog is to bring fresh, new material to the fans and this is a big step forward. Any submissions that are accepted will be notified on the day that the feature has been posted. Photographers are responsible for notifying Beyond the Wanderlust if the feature was picked  up by another blog. Failure to do so, will deny any future features. While this mean seem harsh, I personally am running every aspect of the blog and do not have time to check if this submission has been featured elsewhere. The blog runs mainly on the honor system and let’s please play fair. What might gain you a feature or tips: Consistent editing style MINIMUM of 20 images with a MAXIMUM  of 75 the blog likes to mix up the session types that are featured. in order to get a feature on the blog quicker and/or accepted, check the features currently running and submit something different; while still having the style style/feel of the blog. Sessions that are wedding or stylized, must include detailed shots 900 image width, this is also a must no zip files or drop box features will be accepted as this takes too much time to look at a feature the blog is on Two Bright Lights and loves accepting sessions on there file must be named correctly with “yourname_businessname_imagenumber on the image metadata”

For Daily Fan Favorites, Weekly Favorites and Monthly Favorites:

These spots are available to all fans of Beyond the Wanderlust. In order to be in the running for one of these spots be sure to submit your favorite work to the blog’s Facebook wall, watermarked and tagging your business.

Daily Fan Favorites are done Monday through Thursday with Friday announcing the winners from Thursday’s voting. Monday’s selections are taken from images submitted the Friday and weekend before. The winner is determined by the image with the most likes, shares and comments. Each of these images from the daily fan favorite are blogged, with the winner being in the blog title. Beyond the Wanderlust stared these daily fan favorites to bring another area for engagement on our Facebook/Fan Pages. These are also a great way to gain SEO with your images being blogged and shared on other social media pages.

Weekly Favorites are done once a week with ten images being chosen from the Facebook wall. These images are images that, hopefully, haven’t been picked on other blog’s weekly favorites and haven’t been chosen for the daily fan favorites. Beyond the Wanderlust believes in giving multiple artist opportunities to grow and recognizing fresh new faces.

Monthly Favorites are done once a month and are chosen from the daily fan favorites & weekly favorites. Images that are horizontal only are in consideration for this selection; as the wining image will be the face of Beyond the Wanderlust for the month. The voting for this spot runs for a full week and the image with the most likes, shares, and comments wins. This particular feature is a huge promotion for one’s business as this is the image that is seen on the blog’s header and all social media pages.

The submit page is always located at the top of the blog for any future questions or reminders. I hope this has helped clear up some confusion! Any other questions or concerns can be sent to Jessica at 


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