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I have been wanting to sit down and write this post for a while but was too busy wrapping up other projects. For me personally I know I can buy a beauty product with more ease if I have heard of someone else having an easy way to use it or giving feedback. One of my favorite beauty girls to follow is Jaclyn Hill. Anytime I watch her videos I immediately feel like I need to go out and grab two of everything she has talked about. So when I started finding some goodies in December, at some great price points, I thought I would share with you all.

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First product is A Thousand Wishes by Bath & Body Works. I am not a bath & body type girl for perfume, like ever. I was in the store to snag their awesome $8 candle sale in mid December when I had one of their freebie coupons. After walking the store for a bit, not knowing what to get, I came across this little gem. I was completely surprised when I loved it so much. B&B says it is a mix between champagne, peonies, and almonds. I don’t know if I can say that is what I smell but it is like angels to my nose. It is a steal right now on sale for FIVE BUCKS! Can’t beat that!

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My next product is the Marc Anthony Morocco Argon Oil Hairspray. I had been hearing about some friends talk of argon hairspray for a bit but I honestly tend to stick with brands that I have tried. When I got this little bad boy in my Ipsy bag in November, I was pretty stoked to get to try it. My hair is super long right now and is perfectly holding curl. While I don’t love this spray for it’s hold, I absolutely love it for it’s shine! I spray this on my hair lightly, before applying my hairspray, to give it a finished look. The only downside I can say to this spray, other then the hold, would be the scent. While it doesn’t smell bad it does almost burn my nose after I spray it. I hate to even say it that way, because it isn’t bad enough for me not to buy it after this sample runs out!

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These next two products will be oils. Since I use essential oils in my family, I am always on the look out for what is called “carrier” oils. These are oils that you use in combination with the essential oils. This oil I actually had heard about helping the skin and face and I knew I wanted to immediately try it. This is an argan oil that I found at Home Goods for $7.99! I was hesitant to pick it up as I didn’t know if I would like it or not but after I skimmed Amazon and saw the other oil prices, I thought for this price I couldn’t pass it up! I absolutely LOVE this oil! It has made my skin so baby soft and my hair so smooth. I actually a few nights just added this argan oil to my face plain and woke up feeling so hydrated. If you haven’t tried an argan oil you are definitely missing out. When you use this be very careful to only use just a bit, especially with your hair, or you will be re-washing it!

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The second oil that I also picked up at Home Goods was almond oil. I had heard in my essential oil group that almond oil isn’t as heavy as some other oils. I have actually been using this oil in all of my roller combos, as it is so perfectly light on my skin. I don’t feel like I am greasy or practically even wearing anything with it. If you oil, then you must try almond oil! Added bonus this oil is also great to cook with!

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This last set is a combo of my face/eye favorites currently. Since this post was meant for December, I will have some new favorites I will share with you for January. Some of these pieces here have consistently been favorites of mine throughout all of 2014!

First up is the Younique Fiber Lashes. I bought this mascara during a party that one of my girlfriends was having. I bought this just to be nice and support my friend but didn’t really expect much out of it because I already had a favorite mascara. I was completely blown away! There is a little bit of a learning curve with it so that your eyelashes don’t look too clumpy but after you find the technique that works for you, you will instantly love it. It was a bit pricey at first I thought, being $35 shipped, but it was hands down worth it! As it lasted forever!

Second is the Hello Flawless by Benefit. First I have to say, just about everything that Benefit comes out with I love. I had went into my local Ulta store last Spring looking for a powder foundation that would last and cover. There is actually another product you can use with this to make it waterproof but this powder alone has worked great for me. The coverage is wonderful, it goes on smooth and last a full work day. They have 9 shades in this, so there should be a great match for just about every skin tone out there.

Third product shown here is this stippling brush by Precision Beauty. I had found this brush for under $10 at TJMaxx last year and picked it up on a whim. I actually really love this brush. I find myself using it to blend my face a lot and using it for applications that really aren’t “normal” for it. The bamboo bristles make it super soft and super easy to clean.

Fourth product is the NYX jumbo pencil in Milk. My son had a Halloween party this past year and I was lost as what to go as. I found a super cute tutorial on making a deer face and decided it would be quick + simple enough for me. I had unfortunately got rid of the white primer I already had so I had to go buy this pencil. The makeup in this pencil is SUPER thick! A little definitely goes a long way. After I used it for the party, I didn’t really know what I would use it for but actually ended up using it for a highlighter. While I didn’t like it under my eyes, I did like it above my eyebrow and along my jawline. The downfall to this pencil is the mystery behind how to actually USE the product. Once you get down below the tip of the product showing, you have to figure out how to get the rest of the product out. I actually found some great YouTube tutorials on this, so don’t give up and throw it away!

The fifth product here is also from an Ipsy bag from sometime this past fall, called Model Co, VolumEyes. Again I wasn’t super over the moon about getting a mascara but I found myself surprisingly happy with the results. While it isn’t as good as my Benefit mascara I use, it was a great base to use before using my Younique Fiber lashes.

Sixth product is one I have been using for well over a year and for me there is nothing else out there like it! This product is the Urban Decay Eye shadow Primer. I originally got a sample/small version in my Naked Palette that I had purchased and instantly fell in love. While there are other tones and shades out there by Urban Decay, I personally only like the Original. I have tried some of the other colors and they just don’t compliment my skin tone. While this product is $20, it last for a long time.

Last by not least, the NYX Eyebrow Push Up Bra. I had went to the store in the fall wanting to grab some pencils, since mine had ran out. I grabbed two by NYX and this one was my fav of the two. While I don’t use the highlighting end very much, this is hands down my favorite for my brows. It gives me a natural look, without being too obvious I have filled my brows in. Jaclyn has a great tutorial as well on eyebrows, if you don’t usually fill yours in.

I hope you enjoyed my finds from December. If you have products you want reviews on, leave them in the comments and I will do my best to find them.


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