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First Tooth

I remember back to when my first son Landon was born. As a new mother I was so madly in love and soaking deeply in newness of motherhood. My mind wondering to those moments that I was already excited for. Their first words. The first time they will take a step forward. Their first new tooth. All reminding me of how this new human being, that my husband and myself created, is developing and growing perfectly. I remember thinking back that these were the “big moments.” What motherhood has taught me is there are more than just a few big moments, life is made up of a lot of big + little moments. All creating “your story.”

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Landon turned seven this past December. He has been ahead of schedule on all the growing milestones that kids are “suppose” to hit except losing his teeth. He has been asking for months now as to when he would lose his first. I would day in and day out hear about so and so at school losing their tooth. I could tell he was just wanting his turn and it felt to him like this was a trophy that he so badly wanted to earn. Finally a few months ago we got a loose tooth. While it was barely loose, it was loose none the less.


Everyday Landon would check on this tooth and re-evaluate the ability of it’s wiggle; asking me to check it and see if it really was becoming more loose. I myself was even wondering when this tooth would finally give. Then one night it finally really came loose and was ready to come out. Landon wasn’t brave enough to pull it. My stomach couldn’t handle pulling it. So Dad came to the rescue. After giving it a couple test pulls, the tooth was out.


Landon was beaming of pride. I could tell he was so very excited that he had finally lost what he had been waiting for, for months. The other two kids standing in awe and wanting their teeth to now fall out. Alayna actually started crying because her teeth weren’t ready to fall out. She had to settle for being able to hold the tooth, which Landon was very nervous to hand over. That night we got the tooth fairy letter ready and in a little baggie. I don’t think Landon was ever so excited to go to bed, maybe other than on Christmas Eve.


As I sat here going through my pictures, it finally hit me, this is just another sign that the newborn baby I brought home seven years ago is growing up. I don’t know what it is about losing a tooth vs gaining a tooth that makes me feel even a bit more sad. Motherhood is a funny thing. We want our kids to grow and to be happy, healthy, but it also tears a bit of our hearts out watching them grow up. Landon losing his tooth made sad but happy for him that he finally got what he so badly wanted.

I know there are still lots of firsts waiting for us and while I am excited to experience those, I will hold on to these moments & years for a bit longer.

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