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Five Reasons You Need to Stop Complaining About the Facebook Cleanup

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It is Monday morning and the vibe on Facebook this week definitely shows that it is a manic Monday. I can’t scroll more than a few page spans before I see someone in a group complaining about their Facebook pages. More importantly they are complaining about these so called “fans” they lost. Most of the time people complain or worry when they are not fully educated on a subject, which leaves me wondering how many of you have taken the time to read the material released about this clean up. In case you haven’t I decided to put together a brief post, showing the five reasons you need to stop complaining.


The first, and most important reason you need to stop complaining, these people really aren’t there anyways. The accounts that have been taken off the Facebook pages are fans that have either deactivated their accounts or who have passed away. Meaning these fans are really more like ghosts to your page. I myself do not really know if ghosts are real and am perfectly comfortable with them being taken away {insert creepy ghost story}. In all seriousness, relax, these accounts were not bringing any benefit to your business other than stroking your ego.


Facebook has announced, in addition to removing these fans, that if these fans come back to Facebook their likes will come back to your page. Meaning if your aunt Sally decided she needed a break from Facebook, deactivated her account, but 5 months later she wants to come back to Facebook-land, her like comes back to you. Nothing you need to do other than doing yo’ thang. I have seen crazy conspiracy theories about how Facebook is taking away these likes to then come back and charge us. Think about it people, if they really wanted to do that, there is better ways. Do not indulge in these crazy antics.

Don’t indulge in the crazy antics, get educated people. – tweet that


This is one of your reasons you should be happy they took these “fans” away, is your insights! The more Facebook cleans up the dead accounts floating around in space, the more accurate our information about our fans get. In reality you have been racking your brain, trying to figure out how to get all your fans engaged, when you can’t engage a dead link. Are you picking up what I am putting down here? These fans WEREN’T REALLY HERE PEOPLE {yes this deserves all caps to be sure I am getting this point across to you.}


Another big thing I have been seeing pop up all over Facebook this weekend are “liking ladders.” Keep in mind when doing these, this cleanup has zero to do with the “real fans” that are on your page. Join in on these if you must but they are not going to keep Facebook from removing the ghost fans. More importantly when joining in on these liking sprees, remember this a temporary band-aid for the real work you need to be doing on your page. In order to get real engagement, you need to be putting out real content, and not getting mass amount of people coming to your page in one day to like something. Now getting out into your community is great and it is a great way to find new artists or businesses to follow but don’t be deceived in thinking this is your “fix.”


{Insert deep breath} This is the biggest point here if you miss anything else. Stop complaining, pick yourself up and get back out there. Constantly people are complaining about Facebook and their “rules” or how “hard” they are making it for Facebook business owners. Think about what would happen if you actually DID something, instead of complaining? Facebook is not out to “get you” and we are in complete control of our success and failure. So I will end with this, are you going to be the negative in the world or be the positive energy we all so desperately need?

Be the positive energy the world so desperately needs. tweet that

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