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Free Spirit Foto | Boho Chic Childrens Session | Beyond the Wanderlust Fan Feature

Sherina Welch

Free Spirit Foto

I never take photos of my own children and I’ve been working hard on trying to make time to photograph them more. So for this session, I had my mother in law make these amazing flower crowns and my style is vintage so I wanted to put my daughter Skylar in a boho style dress. I had the whole session planned, where I was going to drop my 5 yr old son off at mother in laws house so I could concentrate on just photographing my daughter. We, photographers know that the hardest subject to photograph is our own children! My mother in law lives about 20 min away, so I was trying to be proactive and load up the car early, hang her dress up and all I had to do was get the kids in the car and go to mother in laws house, drop off my son and then go to the location to shoot. Well about an hour before I was going to leave, my husband calls me and says he should be home in time for me to leave my son with him and I didn’t have to drive all the way over to his mothers house. Because I had to drive to her house, I planned on using a field near her house. Now that plans changed at the last minute, I had to quickly figure out where I was going to shoot, now that I was staying near my house. So I fed the kids super early, threw them in the car and started driving around, checking out fields near our house and waiting for my husband to get home. I drove around for about 15 min until I found a great little spot and went back home, unloaded the kids and waited for my husband to arrive. WELL……he never got home! He called me and said he won’t be home in time. UGH! So I jumped back in the car WITH both kids and hauled all the props AND the kiddos to the location and as I was setting up (not trying to scream), my husband rides up on our dirt bike! So now my son is screaming b/c he wanted to get on and then Skylar (my daughter) wanted to get on b/c my son wanted to get on and my husband is looking at me like, “what’s wrong?” lol Husbands don’t get it!

SOOOO I finally start shooting and while I’m shooting my daughter, the whole time she’s whining b/c she wants to ride on the bike and my husband and son were in every frame in the background on the bike! I quickly reminded myself, “This is why I don’t photograph my kids!”

So as you flip through these images, you won’t see the chaos behind the lens… :0) Instead you’ll see a beautiful, girlie 7 year old named Skylar. Not a tomboy who could care less of taking pictures b/c all she wanted to do was ride her dirtbike with her daddy!


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  • Lorna Oxenham

    WOW WOW WOW……amazing. WOW.

  • GORGEOUS photos Sherina! She looks so much like you in these. And the story is soooo “you”.

  • Paul A. Looney

    Wow! Fantastic! Love these!

  • Penny Bickerstaff Cornett

    What gorgeous work! Your precious Skylar is absolutely beautiful!

  • Kathryn Cooke

    Beautiful! LOVE!

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