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Get Crack’n

Winter is in full swing here in Ohio.  So if you are like me and concentrate on a majority of your business being outside or natural light settings, then winter isn’t going to be your big hitting season. What is one to do? Sit and cry? Go into Iamquittingthisandnevercomingback-itis? Or actually DO SOMETHING? I have been thinking and I have come up with five things to help pass this time till the daisies start blooming.


What do I mean? Get ready! Use this time to have everything for your upcoming season (whatever your busy time is) ready. Part of getting clients to keep coming to YOU (that will be another post, soon!), you need to set yourself apart. I don’t mean have brown hair instead of blonde or drive a ford vs a dodge. No, No, NO. I mean welcome packs, folders for each client to STAY organized, heck even start to organize your WHOLE business. Get things ready so when your busy time DOES hit, you can sit back and just shoot.


When those paying clients do start booking, it is much harder to be in this field and get to express yourself creatively.  If you are sobadtothebone that you get all the clients who WANT you to style them and WANT you to make them stand out, then kudos to you! If you don’t get to express yourself through these sessions then you might want to think about doing those type of sessions during your off time! For me, I am planning an 80′s shoot right now! While I know some girls would love to do some pictures like this for their senior pictures, they don’t want a whole session like this! I want to get funky and fresh and express ME and not dim the light on my client! (again who are we here FOR?) Use this time to not forget about YOU and what drives you. The time spent to thrive yourself, will make you a better photographer in the end!


I don’t mean taking Main Street instead of East Street. I mean think outside your box you are in. Why aren’t you shooting right now?? Is it because you don’t want to do indoor period, or because you are afraid? Have you ever tried? Lifestyle photography, I believe, will take hold and strongly! Broaden your scope of business and bring in clients you wouldn’t have otherwise! You can create an indoor area and still keep natural light as your source, for small cost. Just think outside your box.


Take this time to really connect with your fans and followers. We all don’t have as much time as we would like to spend on social media when we get busy. So if this is something you are wanting to improve, now is the perfect time. Look around and find larger fan based pages that have more fans and watch for tagging parties or networking.  Check out forums as well. They are always great for networking and for learning! I personally like to take this time to take on new projects. Start another blog. Learn new things. Make new things. Just taking the time to learn.


I think this is pretty plain and simple. Take this time to be with family! If you don’t feel the itch to be doing something ALL.THE.TIME., DON’T! Just take the time to rest and mentally get ready for your busy season!

So really this is just a short list of what you COULD be doing. There are tons of other things to work on, do, prepare. We would love to hear how you are getting ready for your upcoming 2013 sessions!


Jessica and Grace

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