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Girls Night In | Beyond the Wanderlust Pinterest Parties

There has been a little question as to what Pinterest Parties are. There isn’t a certain label as to what they are or aren’t. They are whatever they mean to YOU! How they for work us, at Beyond the Wanderlust, is we brain storm on a topic that is related to photography or business somehow. After we pick the topic, we then think of the best in the business, that could bring some of the best inspiration. We hope to have on average 2-5 guest pinners each week! The pins will be anything from what the guest pinner does, gets inspired by, wants clients to be educated on, or tutorials/education tools. Like we said in the beginning there is no right or wrong with these! The only goal is for the guest pinner to inspire themselves and followers! For those businesses who do come on and guest pin for us, tend to get a little closer connection with their clients or even potential clients. The power of Pinterest for business is very powerful. One pin, can open the door for a new client. Laynie and Belle from our Branding Week, has got LOTS of positive feedback from her clients and potential clients.

Girls Night In are just a fun way to connect with our fans, give us something to do on Pinterest other then just lots of random pins and pin for the love of photography! 



Jessica and Grace

  • I love Pinterest, I love photography and would love to be invited to this!! I’m not sure if there is anything else I need to do?


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