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Hannah Fine

Hannah Fine Photography

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Alpaca Farm in Tenino, WA

I’m Hannah. I am a professional photographer based in the Pacific Northwest. Olympia, Washington is my home, and I’ve never lived anywhere else. I am looking forward to traveling the world with my love someday. I am twenty-years-old and love to be up-to-date with new technology, trends, and photography techniques. I eat ice cream daily, and believe it is good for the soul. I jam to Taylor Swift and Coldplay in the car. I am madly in love with a perfect boy who temporarily lives in Colorado for a mission trip. I am incredibly proud of him.

HB Photography is my full-time job as well as my biggest thrill. I love every step of the process in meeting my client and, hopefully, gaining a new friend. I am all about making their experience with me memorable. I am very silly, and determined to truly capture YOU. We will meet at a location of your choice, walk, talk and take some beautiful pictures that will definitely exceed “new profile picture” expectations. I can’t put into words how much love and effort I put into making my images, so I’ll have to borrow words from others; my followers have described my photography style as “sincere, heartwarming, and easily captures natural, fun and REAL moments.”

My beautiful model lives right next to an alpaca farm. As we were driving to our destination, we decided to stop at this farm for a unique look. I thought the contrast of this gorgeous model and unique creatures, would look beautiful in a photograph. We ended up staying until sunset.


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