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Horace and Jennifer Trovato
Horace & Mae Photography

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Welcome! Tell us about yourselves and how your business came about. 
We are Horace and Jennifer Trovato, a husband and wife photography team based in Maryland. We love everything about photography, from the people we meet, to the cameras, to the process of just taking the shot. I’ve been taking photos as long as I can remember and Horace started after I gave him a little 35mm camera in college before we started dating. Along with 35mm, he also shoots with Medium and Large Format cameras, developing and printing his amazing portraits & still life shots. We’ve received encouragement over the years to make photography a priority, so we decided to jump into it as a business this past year.
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We love the fact that you are a husband and wife team. How has this transferred into your marriage? 
It’s so wonderful having my husband as my second shooter, pack mule and idea man. He’s always there to support me during sessions and it really has built up my confidence as a photographer and as his wife. Since photography is such a great interest for both of us, there really is no need to separate home from the business because we are both so excited about it. Since we don’t photograph full time, we have enough downtime that we don’t get burnt out and we are able to keep our inspiration and conversation fresh. I think strong relationships are built by working together with others. I love that we get to work together on both our photography and our relationship.
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We noticed on your bios that you are film shooters. Do you solely shoot film or a mix of both? What would be your favorite gear to shoot with?
 Like I said earlier, Horace mainly shoots film with a Large Format 5×7 camera and a Medium Format camera. I’ve loved film for so long and still shoot most of my personal work with a 35mm slr, but for most shoots I stick to my Canon 1D Mk II. Film really helps me to slow down and think about my photos a bit more. I always have a film camera with me and I definitely see us incorporating more film into our shoots in the future.
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The emotion that you capture in your work has just raw feeling to it. Where do you find your inspiration for your work?
I grew up taking photos of my family and friends, so that candid, free feeling is what I really love to capture. The chance to get a photo of my son playing peekaboo with me is something special. Of course, looking to other photographers is a huge inspiration, some of my favorites being Andria Lindquist and Rachel Joy Photos, as well as the classic Gary Winogrand.
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I’ve been working on a photography book featuring 10 other photographers sharing their work and their thoughts on storytelling through their photos. This will be coming out soon and will benefit The Baltimore Viewfinders, a non-profit helping youth discover their potential through photography. I’ll be sure to post about it on my blog and on our facebook page. We’re constantly working on new ideas and can’t wait to see what the new year holds!Any new projects coming up in 2014?
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