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Hunter Leone of Three Nails Photography | Shreveport, Louisiana | Beyond the Wanderlust | Artist Spotlight

Hunter Leone

Three Nails Photography

Shreveport, Louisiana

If we were to stop you during a shoot, what might we find with you?

You will find me with my Canon 5d Mark 2 with my 85mm 1.2 attached. I shoot with that lens 99% of the time, its such a dreamy lens.  That’s usually all I have; there’s so many different options with moods you can achieve with that lens.

Your shoots are always immaculate, where do you get the ideas to put these shoots to life?

Music! I love music so much; its so inspiring to me. I have always caught myself, even before photography, listening to a song and getting lost in the words and day dreaming about the meaning behind them. I literally will listen to a song and then I can picture the entire shoot in my head perfectly before the song finishes. Anytime I get stumped I turn my iPod on and hit shuffle, close my eyes, and just start pictures shoots.

Has there been one shoot in particular that is still your favorite?

Hmmm.. That’s really hard to say, I feel like after every shoot I say “this is my favorite”. But I would probably say the Alice in Wonderland shoot that I did like 3 years ago, and only because it was the 1st styled shoot I ever tried to do and it was a big success and really was the shoot that launched my career. Even though now I look at them and cringe because it was so horribly styled and edited, I still love what it did for me.

With being one of the leaders in the industry, how do you deal with the critics?

Don’t get me started, its easy as an artist to say “I don’t care what people think”. And in some aspects I don’t, but when we create art and post it for the world to see, there is still that sting you get when someone says they don’t like it. Because we pour our hearts into each photo and it’s a little disheartening when someone doesn’t appreciate it. I just have to tell myself “art is subjective, not everyone will like what I do” and move on and try not to think about the negativity.

Any special projects coming up in 2013 you want to tell us about?

I definitely do! I will be doing lots of traveling all over the world for some amazing shoots; but the ones I am most excited for are my workshop shoots. I really dive head first into styling shoots for my workshops; so this year I’ve got some awesome workshop themes planned that I’m super giddy about.

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  • Stella Reynoso

    “STOKED” doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel, and October’s workshop can’t come soon enough! <3

  • Lindsay Steele

    Absolutely loved reading this! Thank you for the great interview!

  • Absolutely LOVE his work! Excited to see who is chosen this week!

  • Linda Berry

    Never get tired of looking at Hunters pictures. Just when I think there’s no way he could do anything better, he surprises us yet again.

  • Phyllis Dumas McBride

    Always inspiring…..always unpredictable….always phenomenal!!!

  • i think your work is amazing it is very powerful in what it says i would love to meet you and know how you come up with all of your amazing ideas im in the middle of my GCSES and i would love to get some advise from one of my artist seen as your a great photographer i would love to get some from you please email me i would love to get some tips for my work

  • I <3 Hunters' work!

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