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Does your hustle match your success

I am constantly hearing business owners on social media talk about how their businesses aren’t working for them. There isn’t any growth or they aren’t seeing the changes they expect or want. There is almost a level of expectations in today’s market of people just expecting they are going to get business and turn a profit, with little to no effort. That expectation is exactly why your business is sitting stagnate or turning into a huge money pit for you.

We all know in start up businesses there is loads of undivided attention expected to be put forth, which means tons of hours and possibly lots of cash flow. Yet I see nothing but the opposite of this in the businesses that are saying their growth isn’t happening. At some point, those businesses have put themselves into a category of businesses that “don’t fit the model” of start up or their businesses “aren’t the same.” If you look back through history, the patterns show that entrepreneurs have to fail hundreds of times before they ever succeed, and even at that the success could be minimal.

I recently heard of short video from Gary Vaynerchuk and I believe a lot of the businesses that are out there, complaining of no growth, should have stuck with their “hobby.” [Also if you haven’t saw the video, definitely worth the watch, of course after you read my post first] In order to actually see the results you want, there is no bull about it, you have to work and hustle, HARD.

While my business is no where near where I want it and I have a mile long wish list of things I want to accomplish, I am making my way there. I wanted to give you a look into my daily business life to show you how hard I am hustling.

8 AM (yes I hate mornings, love evenings, so I don’t get up early. I am working on this) : Get up, get my son ready for school, start my coffee and breakfast.

8:30 AM : Just get home from school, grab my breakfast and boot up my computer. 

9 AM to 12:30 PM: Work on any projects that I have going on. Work on any features that need to be done for the day. 

Noon to 1 PM : Feed my kids lunch. Get my middle child ready for preschool. Back home from the school (again) at 1. 

1 PM to 3 PM : Get back to any work that I left sit at noon. Work till the kids need picked up from school. 

3:30 to around 8 PM: I have started taking this time off for my family. I found that with me taking this time, I am more refreshed to sit back down and work. In this time off I get my house work done, dinner cooked, homework done, and am present in my family member’s life. While I am not full blown working, I am still checking my social media accounts, pinning etc. All still help my businesses but I am not actually sitting at my computer. 

8 PM to 1 AM : Continue working, back at my computer. I usually get my best work done during this period. The family goes to bed at 9: 30, which leaves the house quiet for me to think. If I am having an evening where I am not motivated to work, I will at least look through posts that I have marked to read or be on the look for upcoming artists in the industry. 

This equals to 11 hours at the actual computer, not counting in the times that I am on my phone working, pushing media. 

During my working time I am constantly flipping from Facebook, to WordPress, to Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google Analytics, Creative Suites. I think the list could go on for days. I often get emails asking who all works for my business. Up until about the past couple weeks, you want the answer? NADA. To me, this means my hustle is working. Even though I am not where I want to be, my efforts are being seen.

It is reality check time. Is your success matching your hustle? Unless you want to continue to barely break even, or worse, go in red, it is time you face your business model head on. Keep a daily journal of all the times you are actually working vs how much time you “say” you are working. Utilize your day effectively and kick butt in your business goals. No more tomorrows.

How do you effectively plan your day? Does your hustle matching your success? We would love to hear your stories!

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