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Success. Everyone wants it but not everyone will gain it. Actually when you sit down and think what exactly is success, what would you say? The funny thing about this little word.. there isn’t just one description. Many people work years and years to never realize they had success the whole time. It is only in your down times, that you realize you were in the good times. Why is that? Life can sometimes be bitterly cruel. Business is hard and adding in a family or any social life on top of that, is even more challenging. Remember growing up and people would ask you what you wanted to be? Most little kids would say doctor, lawyer, nurse, etc; very rarely (if ever) you hear, I want to own a business! Is that because owning a business is really that un-glamorous? Are we born leaders or through our life lessons we are built into entrepreneurs? At some point in our lives (I would assume if you are here, reading this post, and continue to follow with me), we got “the itch.” No I am not meaning an itch where you need to run to the doctor, I mean the itch where you finally said, I want to be my own boss! And then you quite possibly hurried and covered your mouth. It is literally the scariest decision you can make in your life. While business is scary, it is also rewarding, adventurous, and gives the soul a fire like no other.

Don’t let life slip by and never realize you had success. Doing some simple motions can help you be assertive, in the moment, and celebrate.


What exactly DO you want? If you have big, fancy ideas of what your business will look like, is that really what you want? Putting down what you want to do, be, and earn will hold yourself accountable. It also makes it easier for you to acknowledge that you are hitting the marks. Start a daily journal, put down something positive you achieved and a hurdle you overcame. These moments will give you renewed energy during times of self doubt.


That’s right; and this is important! To stay refreshed, happy, creative, you need to celebrate the little successes as they come! Did you get a sale that you had only dreamed of or booked your perfect client? Go celebrate!


In order for us to be successful, there has to be support. The support system you build around yourself will either make you or break you. Keep communication lines open BOTH ways, as your cheerleaders might need some support every once in a while too. Be sure to thank those around you and show appreciation. Having true friends and family is worth it’s weight in gold.


Just stop and smell the roses. Most creative people have a million and one things running through their heads at one given moment. Stop for one moment to realize where you are right now. Not where you want to be in 6 months or a year, but right now. Anytime you don’t think you have been successful, look back at your beginnings and I promise you, that will be all the motivation you need to push yourself further.

I would love to hear how you keep yourself motivated and on the track to success! Have an inspiring story? Comment below.


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