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Image421 Photography | Albury, Australia | Friendship Inspired Session | Beyond The Wanderlust Fan Feature

Cindy Cavanagh
Albury, Australia.
When we moved to Brazil my daughter asked and begged for a dog but we said no, the timing wasn’t right. She continued to ask and one day my husband said “I found the perfect dog for our daughter, and he is adorable”. I said “no,” but he arrived with Charlie under his arm. He came into our family to fill a hole in our daughter’s heart. Instantly, and I mean the very second they met, he was hers. He loved the rest of the family, but he adored her and her sadness lifted. Their friendship was exactly what she needed to move forward, make new friends, and see the beauty in our new life. She blossomed.
Fast forward a few years and we are returning to Australia. Sadly, he cannot come with us because the quarantine laws are so strict that he would be caged for 8 months. We cannot do that, he is a people dog and needs attention. We all cried there must be a way, but there wasn’t. The tears flowed like a river when I told her. I asked her to be brave, I asked her to think of Charlie, and she knew. In her pain, she asked me to take photos and it took my breath away. It felt as if someone had punched me in the chest. I couldn’t take the pain away, but I could give her that. We found a new family for Charlie, one that I know will love him. They will adore him, just like she did. She decided on the family and during the process, little by little, she started to say goodbye.
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  • Jennifer

    Schnauzers are the most amazing creatures I have ever met. I own two myself. I almost lost my youngest early this spring as he was hit by a car. A broken shoulder and a dislocated hip later, we faced a giant vet bill… but no amount of money ever mattered. He is our boy and I would be lost without him. I hope your daughter is able to heal and I hope Charlie is continued to be loved and adored to the moon and back. He looks like an amazingly wonderful soul.

  • Danielle Wahl

    these images are absolutely beautiful and now I’m all choked up.

  • Emily Mariani Photography

    Beautiful images. Such a sweet/sad story. Made me cry.

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