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In The Course of a Day: Documenting Beauty in Your Day to Day Life with Rebecca Wang

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Teacher Rebecca Wang

Rebecca Wang, of Rebecca Wang Photography, is excited to be partnering with Beyond the Wanderlust to bring you her workshop, In The Course of a Day: Documenting Beauty in Your Day to Day Life. Throughout this course she will walk you through the fundamentals of shooting in manual mode, studying light in your home over the course of a day, capturing raw moments with your family, and documenting the day to day grind of our lives. Rebecca will provide tips and tricks on how to help your photos be more authentic, moments to look for, and how she uses certain tools to ensure that she’s getting in the shot. Over the course of this book Rebecca provides hands on exercises to help you connect with the material being taught, and how to take your documentary skills to the next level with journaling. Rebecca is so excited and hopes you will join her on this exciting journey into documentary photography.
PART I: Introduction to Documentary
Why documentary photography is so important
How to incorporate documentary into your daily lives
Tips to help you get started
Lenses and equipment
Introduction to manual mode
PART II: How to Better Your in Home Photos
Different types of light throughout the home
Morning light vs. Evening light
Setting a mood
Back button focusing
White balance/temperature
Shutter speed/F-Stop/ISO
Capturing authentic photos of your family
Tight spaces/Creative angles
Photographying in low light
Embracing the daily routine
In the moment versus documentary
PART III: Adventures
Stepping outside of your comfort zone
Feeling comfortable in busy places
Tripods/a helping hand
Lens hoods and filters
Incorporating your surroundings
Creating a stress-free environment
Making memories with your kids
PART IV: The Next Level of Documentary
Why documentary photography is therapeutic
Organizing your photos
Printing/backing up your photos
Materials Received:
  •  113 page PDF workbook
  • BTS shooting with Rebecca in her backyard
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  • Porteen Gear camera bag ($160 value)

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Rebecca Wang Profile
Rebecca Wang, of Rebecca Wang Photography, is a lifestyle and documentary photographer located in California. Rebecca is a mother to two boys, ages 7 and 3, and married to her military husband. Moving frequently has it’s challenges but they always have new places to visit and explore. Although they are currently residing on the west coast, this summer Wyoming will become their new home. Rebecca loves adventure, to go hiking, and explore new areas. Being a social butterfly Rebecca loves meeting new people on her travels.  She is obsessed with Scandal, anything chocolate, and white wines.