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Inspiration Behind the Daily Fan Favorite

By: Darah Groce | BTW Lifestyle Blogger

Jesse Blake of Jesse Blake Photography

Camera Settings:

F/3.5 1/500  ISO 1250

“This image was a very deliberate process. I chose to use a piece of sheer fabric with a lace hem that had been removed from an old wedding dress. By wrapping this loosely around miss Tanisha, we were able to showcase both her delicate femininity and bold tattoo work. This was my first time shooting in my new in-home boudoir studio and this shot was done near one of two large windows. Turning her face towards the window allowed the light to fall on her face beautifully and a sheer curtain added a bit of foreground haze/interest. Finally, asking my subject to let out a quick breathe or two allowed me to capture her relaxed mouth/facial expression,”

Jesse, owner and photographer of Jesse Blake Photography believes that being a photographer is about discovering and celebrating the “good in ourselves, others and the world around us.”  Taking her inspiration from other photographers both past and present, the intricacy of the world around and her beloved friends and family.   Jesse is a natural light photographer who uses whatever available light is there for her.  This particular image was shot mid-morning.  Jesse is extremely thankful for her client in helping her create this timeless portrait and for the photography community for embracing it.

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