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Inspirational Mood Board

Beyond the Wanderlust Inspiration Board

Inspirational Mood Boards are one of my favorite things right now. A huge addiction of mine is Pinterest and while I am scrolling, and pinning like mad, I can’t help but be inspired by all the different media. I am going through the blog’s re-brand right now and when I was looking for typography, this wanderlust font came through my feed. I re-pinned this into my design board because I knew I had to re-use it for something. The inspiration actually for the other pieces came from an image not even here. When I was heading into Pinterest the other day, there was a picture of a couple that was film-like, blurry, but you could definitely feel the love in the portrait. I knew as soon as I saw that I wanted to combine film into this mood board. As for the texture shown here, I can’t quite explain why I picked it. It is gorgeous, it just immediately pulled me in and I loved the pop it gave the bird photograph. I love how this board, to me, I can look at the word wanderlust and pull a different emotion from every picture shown beside it. All showing a web of intertwined inspiration.

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