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Interpretation of Art Form: Sia | Inspirational Photography Blog

One thing that we have to deal with in the world of art is interpretation. To some this is a blessing and to other’s it is a curse. A lot of people start creating art as an expressive form of therapy and find it helps them to say things sometimes that they aren’t brave enough to say vocally. This was actually one reason that I had started Project A + L because I felt like this did just that. Allowed us each to see something and translate it to our own voice.

One artist that is known for her distinctive style and leaves many debating, is Sia. Her songs dig down deep in your soul, her videos keeping you watching the whole time, mesmerized. Her newest video Elastic Heart has done that. Through the 5 minutes in the video it pulls you into high and lows and leaves you longing for more. Exactly what art should do.

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