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Back in the spring I realized that I wasn’t doing everything I could to help increase your SEO. Yes you read that right, YOUR SEO. Why would I want to increase someone else’s SEO instead of my own you might wonder? Part of having this business is increasing a photographer’s business as well as, you scratch my back + I scratch your back mentality. Whenever something good comes your way, a feature in this case, most people will want to shout it from the roof tops. (That is you scratching my back in case you weren’t following). I then snap my fingers, or in this case blog your fantastic images, and that is me scratching your back. This cycle goes on & on and increases the value of our businesses as a whole.

This process is important, for the fact that part of Google rankings for analytics are through incoming links.  If you are still following along, basically that means that Google is looking for links from other sites that are directed to your page. Remember not long ago when everyone was guest blogging? Yes we like being friends but the real culprit for doing this was to obtain rewards for it. Sorry but all I can think of right now are the commercials for the reward credit cards that play fun on friends using each other for the benefits they gain through purchases.

All funnies set aside, do you see the point here? BLOGS + WEBSITES. They are needed to help build value into your business. When I was realizing I could be linking my features better, by adding in the websites, instead of Facebook pages, I decided it would be worth the extra few steps. I was floored when I saw how many people didn’t even have a website. Better yet I was floored when I saw how many have websites listed on their Facebook pages but they are DEAD. Nothing is worse then having a false link in your business. In fact some affiliate programs won’t even accept your business if you have broken links. Hence get that fix, FAST!

I have been brewing this for sometime and here are my three rules of why you need a website (and like yesterday)!


This is pretty cut and dry. Potential clients are going to be searching for you and if you aren’t showing up in Google rankings, good luck booking them. While letting Google work for your referrals solely, isn’t hopefully your whole business marketing plan, it does play into factor. Even though Tom, Dick and Harry all know you, doesn’t mean the whole neighborhood or community does, and they need photographers too. Make yourself seen.


These are a bit more complex and take time. The first is legit and in a way ties back to revenue. Once you hit into the big money, and I am talking what people are paying YOU, they want to see you are as dope as you are saying. I can’t walk into a magic show and say I can do tricks, or at least let’s hope they don’t believe me because that show would fail miserably! Just like with any work, you have to produce the goods. Your website needs to schmooze over whatever type of client you are hoping to book. This is a great time to have both a website and a blog. Your website can keep the “talking” to a minimum and let your work do all the impressing. High end paying clients want that experience and by not having that you could be losing clients. Your blog is a great place for them to get a feel of your personality, and have your actual talking, help you pull them in. Blogs are for more social interaction and engagement not as much the sales.

Once your blog is gaining speed with rankings and popularity, there are opportunities for revenue. While not every business wants this, and no I am not referring to the money, there are opportunities for ADs. Most photographers who only shoot for clients and not for educating photographers, probably won’t pursue this but it is a business option.


While Facebook and other social media pages do bring in SEO they are not what is going to keep your page at the top of Google rankings. By only having a Facebook page, this gives Facebook all the control of your business, and that scares the crap out of me! With the decline of organic views and the issues that Facebook is having, you can not give all control into their hands. A little example..

Just recently there was a news story released that Facebook was experimenting on our feelings. First I wanted to punch Facebook, so maybe they were affecting me; and second I was disgusted. Their business model has little to no regard for the people that are engaging on their pages, so why would we give them the control to “test” on our business pages.

Think like your client. If you were looking for a business to give your money to, what would YOU be looking for? Keep that in mind and implement those changes into your business future.

I would love to hear your thoughts on why having a website is vital! Leave your comments & stories below.


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